Friday, February 26, 2021
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14th March 2018

ARIES: You need to transform something about yourself now, – your appearance, personal surroundings, or your relationship with a group of people. You have the courage to face events head-on.
TAURUS: Today stars will bring phenomenal opportunities to you concerning the monies you get from sources other than your income. Expect a windfall!
GEMINI: The potential for you to open your mouth a bit too wide today is strong. It’ll be rather dangerous if you let out someone else’s secrets. Be careful!
CANCER: Imaginative solutions to financial goals will come up, but expect some misunderstanding or opposition from surprising quarters.
LEO: The next few days are ripe for promoting cordial relationships and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures. Long term goals are well on track, but keep in touch with superiors and clients – and be sure to comply with government regulations.
VIRGO: In-laws and other family members can be a bit precious, so be sure to get your ideas straight and your communications clear. Remember, there are other things in life that are at least as important as money and wealth.
LIBRA: Today be careful to avoid unnecessary risks and ill-conceived ventures that simply are popping up out of sheer vanity. Expect news from afar.
SCORPIO: Legal matters might receive some favourable development, and news from abroad, or from a distant place will be welcome. Interesting developments on the spiritual front are also favoured.
SAGITTARIUS: Brace yourself to face any challenge that comes your way today. Maintain a low profile and keep working to the best of your ability, but gathering background information related to your work is best done silently and inconspicuously.
CAPRICORN: Your talents can be honed and put to work and you will be appreciated for your contribution. Your passions are stimulated, giving an underlying strength to your personality in coming weeks. Love is on the menu!
AQUARIUS: A beautiful cosmic energy shines on you today, Capricorn. You will be keen to get out and mingle, as people seem somehow more on your wavelength.
PISCES: A family meal with an older relative would be just the thing today. Speculative matters, children and family commitments will come under discussion, especially if they are in some way related to your career.