Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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14th June World Blood Donor’s Day

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14 to commemorate the birthday anniversary of Karl Landsteiner (a scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the ABO blood group system).This day is also Observe to express gratitude to all the donor who have donated not only once but many times to save life of others which is a Nobel thing a person can do for others.Many people feel the importance of blood donation when he himself or someone close to him required blood .Comparing Nagaland with other states we have less percentage of voluntary blood donation.
Blood donation is definitely a noble act. Many clinics and hospitals constantly require blood for several purposes. This makes the idea of blood donation a noble gesture as it provides life-saving help for the patients. On an average, human body contains approximately 4 to 5 litres blood that can be donated after every third month for men and every 4 months for women.Blood cannot be manufactured so donations is the only way we can provide blood to those who need it. Our country needs blood every three seconds to save a life but only 37 percent of the country’s population is able to donate blood on voluntary basis.There are a number of reasons why donating blood is important.A single donation can save three lives. One blood donation provides different blood components that can help up to three different people. Someone may require urgent blood and by donating our blood we save someone. This is one of the biggest satisfactions one can experience and can also give us a purpose of life and the feeling that you made a difference to someone’s life.
Donating blood refreshes our system,this is definitely a healthy process that defines that an individual is fine and fit. Our entire body is freshens up and many of our health issues come are often cured. Therefore, blood donation results in a healthier body that may also raises our life span. We should know that by donating our blood we save someone’s life and that might happen to us because we never know what our future is. Some of us donate blood because we were asked by an organization and some for family member or a friend that needs blood and others give it as a tag of charity and some other treat it as a religious duty. Irrespective of all the reason it is a noblest thing that a person can do for others for a fellow being.
The year 2020 celebration is somewhat different from the other previous year due to covid 19 pandemic .Every year the celebration is mark by organizing blood donation camp. Many of our people does not gave due importance on blood donation but later on release when the need for blood arises. To organize a donation camp we need to approach the authority of any given institution, organization, club, School and colleges and Share the importance and requirement of blood in the blood bank and thereby giving counselling, motivation and Encouragement because Many people believe that blood donation is harmful for their body which is not true. .
Due to theCovid-19 pandemic there is an acute shortage of blood in the blood banks so the VBDAK, in compliance with the Sops of the lockdown measures restricting of mass gathering organized a “Step-In Blood Donation Drive” at the Blood Bank,NHAK starting from 18 May 2020 , Besides regular donor some new person turn up for the voluntary donation for which the Voluntary Blood donor Association kohima would like to thank all of you for your understanding and Nobel contribution that many patients who were waiting for blood transfusion for various sick aliments life were save and in future too we all like you to be a partof us. The association would like to express our deep appreciation to Medical officer blood bank NHAK Dr Avila Sangtam and her team for their technical support and at times even donating blood when the blood bank run out of stock.
Press Secretary
Voluntary Blood Donor Association, Kohima

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