Friday, December 4, 2020
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14th July 2019

ARIES: The day holds great energies for working through problems, as long as you pace yourself. Tensions in your interactions tend to have power dynamics at their root, and pressures coming from within are likely to do with performance, ambition, and expectations.
TAURUS: Interactions with others can be a little strained or edgy at times now, and people may be holding on too tightly to their methods, ideas, and opinions. If someone isn’t catching onto your ways or views, it may be better to wait things out.
GEMINI: While relationships or financial matters may feel loaded or intense now, this is a time for releasing yourself from problems or burdens or making a plan to do so going forward. You’ll feel lighter as a result.
CANCER: You could be dealing with a difficult person or situation, or the conflict may be taking place inside you. People may be challenging you or making attempts to control you, and you could be feeling blocked.
LEO: Power plays can occur with those you work with, or you could feel pressure to get things done. Consider that you need time to yourself or to recoup your energies. If you’ve been doing far more than your share, this may no longer be sustainable.
VIRGO: You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone, or in a battle with yourself. Something can hit a nerve! Self-honesty is especially important now so that you can learn more about your fears.
LIBRA: Tensions can surface, and resisting, fearing, or avoiding change may make things worse. It’s probably best to recognize a need to make adjustments. Making changes should be done gradually for best results–rushing things when you’re tense won’t help.
SCORPIO: Try your best to make room for spirit-boosting activities in your life. A person in your life may come through for you now, and this is helpful. Your attention to a relationship can have long-term benefits.
SAGITTARIUS: If you’ve been fearful of changes with your financial affairs or in your intimate life, you may need to examine how this attitude has prevented you from growing and thriving. Keep your mind open and attempt to rise above fear-based suspicion, which tends to figure strongly when Pluto is potent and challenged as it is now.
CAPRICORN: If you aim to stay very open and flexible, which can be challenging to do right now but not impossible, then you put yourself in a better position. If you find yourself dwelling on a small matter, examine what may be the actual source of frustration.
AQUARIUS: Aim to tackle guilt, insecurities, or attachments that are interfering with your productivity or proper routines and self-care. It’s a fine time to examine your fears, but it’s important not to give them more power than they already have by dwelling on them.
PISCES: Today’s energies are good for attention to practical details that help you improve or secure relationships and projects, however. Learning more about what may have been robbing you of your good spirit can be motivating.