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14th July 2018

ARIES: Work may be more physically strenuous than usual, but your performance is duly appreciated. Information you come across by chance stimulates your senses. You may want to spend more than usual but your wallet sets the limit. Different romantic fantasies possess you, but you may be unable to speak freely to your sweetheart.
TAURUS: You’ll do best taking on a number of different tasks today. Check your financial situation, you may find some mistakes. While you could be pushed into the thick of things, you may not have to get your hands entirely dirty. A thirst for information can take you forward. Someone close is helpful in clearing your thoughts.
GEMINI: Today you will make great gains in the financial sector. However, you may feel a bit disinterested in your work, and you may have problems with people working under your influence, but worry not as you will keep the situation well under your control . Also take care of your health.
CANCER: You will feel more confident as the day progress. You will gain knowledge and learn how to use it to self improvement. You will feel the rewards of this process more during the latter part of your life. You will feel great interest in matters that deal with inward powers; this could mean spiritual inclination in some of you.
LEO: There could be a misunderstanding with someone you are depending upon. Hyperactivity could distract your concentration from what really matters. It is better to bring your ideas out into the open. In romance, expect to be put to the test. A friend reminds you of a small favour.
VIRGO: It is a dreamtime because dreams take a solid shape. All relations will gain strength and even if petty conflicts do arise, with your understanding, they will not be allowed to grow. This will eventually add to the development of a better work atmosphere.
LIBRA: Don’t get into lengthy discussions with the boss. An unexpected offer puts you in a position to flaunt your special talent and make money. You may find yourself the authority on a particular topic so be prepared. Romance is still hot around you today.
SCORPIO: After the routine grind of the last few days, it’s time to catch up on issues closer to your heart. You’ll do well in any supportive role at the workplace. In business, expect less interference with the goals you’ve set for the day. Your mind tends to focus on the little details. Warmth and loving are accentuated by the cosmos.
SAGITTARIUS: You adopt an ‘iron fist in the velvet glove’ approach today. An opportunity pushes you to move further and a new association should calm your worries. You intend to be ahead of the competition. In love, you need to be both receptive and responsive.
CAPRICORN: You play a key role in helping someone out of a difficult situation. Go out of your way to be generous with your time and attention. You may be impatient to break free of restricting circumstances, but try to hold on a bit longer. Trust the feelings of those are close to your heart..
AQUARIUS: Your intuition leads you to start a project, but be prepared for delays, possibly involving a financial or possession matter. The needed emotional support comes from a friend who is truly devoted to you. Luck in romance improves dramatically.
PISCES: Today is a mixed bag of tricks, as new possibilities and potentials unfold. For professionals, the accent will be on workable solutions and you may receive assistance from others in pursuing your prospects in business. Don’t be surprised if your proposal is overlooked, but be positive. You’ll have the energy to party all night.