Sunday, January 17, 2021
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14th January 2020

ARIES: You may need to mull things over or do some soul-searching in the weeks ahead. There is every reason to take your time during this cycle when it comes to matters of the heart and decisions about love, and it can also be true of money!
TAURUS: It’s easier than usual for you to attract friends and those who share common interests. By nature, you are always accommodating with friends, and this trait comes into prominence now. Today, you can feel quite resistant in the face of someone who might seem to be pushing or pressuring you.
GEMINI: Today, your conviction increases, perhaps to the point that you become wholly absorbed in your personal interests or even a relationship. Still, people in your life can take you on a rollercoaster ride. Keep in mind that you can choose not to get on, as difficult as this may be!
CANCER: You’re inclined to seek out the things and the people that make you happy. You have more energy for work and health routines these days, but you may disagree about methods with someone close to you today, which can become more complicated than it should.
LEO: Circumstances or people can almost seem to be riling you up and stimulating hidden anger, particularly in your love and working relationships. However, this energy is about getting you into better touch with your heart’s desire. You might also be feeling driven to express your deeper feelings creatively or artistically, and this would be a good way to channel frustrations or anger — by creating something stirring.
VIRGO: You are open to conciliate and compromise now, considering the other side of the coin before making decisions. It’s a period for treating others as equals and accepting no less in return! It’s also a fantastic transit for learning something inspiring about yourself through another’s eyes.
LIBRA: There may be some lack of discipline at times, however! It may not be the most productive time of the year, but this transit serves a useful purpose. Today, there may be some tension or power plays in your interactions, but it’s a temporary –and possibly motivating — disruption.
SCORPIO: Today, there could be some disagreements about money or valuables. For some, this energy plays out on a non-material level, and you may be feeling a rather protective need to defend yourself and your self-respect. Others can seem a little controlling now, and this can be frustrating.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s an excellent period for redecorating and entertaining in the home and repairing or refreshing relations with family. Your heart may be playing it safe with new people, however. Love might be found close to home.
CAPRICORN: There is some trickiness to the day’s energy, however, and your good humor can help you rise above it. Some resentments can surface, seemingly out of nowhere, but in fact, they may very well be coming from deep within. Even issues that you may have thought were ancient history could surface under moments of duress.
AQUARIUS: You could be spending more money on beautiful things, comfort items, and things you expect to last for a long time. Salary increases are possible, and any gifts coming into your life in the coming weeks tend to be more notable. With love and friendship, you’re looking for familiarity and security.
PISCES: While today can be fine for your practical affairs, interactions can be a little tricky at times. Pressing for an answer when you are not ready for one is bad news at the moment. Know yourself and your boundaries before digging too deeply. You may want to sidestep power games with people in your life, and especially friends and those in authority.