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14th January 2019

ARIES: Get a positive start today by stretching for thirty minutes in the morning and you will find the increased blood circulation improves your ability to concentrate. If you have a junk food habit, trade your Twinkies in for fresh fruits and your chips in for carrot sticks. The healthier you are inside, the better you will look on the outside.
TAURUS: Today, encouraging changes and improvements in your inner and outer homes. You are able to make important emotional breakthroughs, especially as you work on improving your home environment. Charity begins at home, so be sure to take the needs of your home and family into consideration first.
GEMINI: Be careful on this day of discordant energies. It will be all too easy to get in an argument about what is on the surface and what is underneath, so don’t go there if you want to avoid a fight. If someone tries to convince you that they are right and you are wrong, simply walk away.
CANCER: You can clear up misunderstandings and this will enable you to make great career progress, though there could still be objections from a certain woman, or family connections. Your partner’s health may need attention.
LEO: Today you need to pass on information and opinions. Intellectual status becomes a priority, so why not contribute time and talent to religious, educational or political institutions? Higher education or training is in the frame, as is the urge to speculate. Be more daring.
VIRGO: Stars need little urging to put a lot of enthusiasm into speculative ventures, social events and fun-focused activities. Creative juices flow today, and the delights of romance can achieve undreamt of highs.
LIBRA: You may be tempted to overspend in an effort to keep up with the spending habits of your friends, but true friends don’t need you to spend money in order to like you.
SCORPIO: Something that has been puzzling, even mystifying, is likely to become much clearer today. The psychological content of previously hidden obstacles, including corrupt or disgruntled colleagues, now makes much more sense.
SAGITTARIUS: You are likely to be more concerned with your personal hopes and dreams, especially the happiness you gain (or do not gain, as the case may be) from the role you play in the lives of others. Conflict arises between what you must do and what you would rather do.
CAPRICORN: You will have more emotional energy as the stars lend you extra strength; just be careful not to come on too strong to those who do not know you well. While you should have extra charm and charisma, some may be feel somewhat inhibited by your powerful ways.
AQUARIUS: Overcome your fears by facing them squarely today,it’s definitely time to ‘let go and let God’ in certain situations. You may even find that by releasing your fears you are better able to accomplish your goals… the fear of being inferior may be holding you back. Intuition is not to be trusted, so take accurate notes and communicate with care.
PISCES: Today be extra sensitive to your partner’s feelings. This extends to business partners and best friends as well. The key is to stop worrying about what you want to say and really pay attention to what others have to say. This can help you get ahead in many ways.