14th August 2018


ARIES: Your personal life shall take a back seat as demands and pressures of work increase considerably. The amount of work you put in now will be truly mind-boggling. Your charisma and energy spell success.
TAURUS: You adhere to the basic values and put them firmly into practice –work as hard as you did like others to and far less critical of those not so skilled and efficient as you or as you did like them to be. It reflects beautifully on your own work, your relationships with colleagues.
GEMINI: Today you shall have the confidence, the savvy and the panache to go out and be a winner. You will be inventive making inspired moves. You will peak in terms of both credit and productivity. Some kind of wish fulfilment may also be witnessed.
CANCER: All around, you see a pleasing trend of growth, expansion, gain. Most prominent will be the easy flow of cash, followed by greater efficiency, productivity at work. The best of all is your inner growth, your willingness to draw people close.
LEO: Today you shall remain action-oriented and your keen observation and your sense of discrimination will make you learn more. Your relations with superiors shall improve. You will be benefitted from news coming in some form of communication.
VIRGO: Whatever you do is done not only with sincerity but with almost total dedication.Play,pleasure ,work ,business transactions.With this kind of intensity of approach, the right moves come to you almost automatically. A little caution is needed or else it can wear you out. You should find time for rest and relaxation.
LIBRA: You will be full of energy today and the focus will be on your own individual pursuits, personal interests. Love and sharing, family ties, bonds of friendship, even work relationships and professional ones will all be vital, full of giving and take and lots of harmony.
SCORPIO: A sudden influx of luck, good fortune and good spirits comes to you —several hurdles to your progress shall be removed smoothly and easily. You have put your ego into reverse gear and are cooperative and very caring.
SAGITTARIUS: It will be a hectic day filled with tensions and anxieties. Unexpected hurdles and obstacles may block your path. People in subordinate positions or whom you employ at home may unnecessarily create tensions and problems.
CAPRICORN: Your image in the eyes of others could scarcely be better . Praise and appreciation will lend confidence. Financially, too, you find yourself on a much stronger footing and that boosts your confidence even further. Love life will be smoother and easier.
AQUARIUS: You have to curb your expenditure in order to control the downward trend in your finances. You shall do a lot of dreaming and shall try to create new openings for you. Try to plan ahead realistically and you shall see a successful period ahead.
PISCES: You may get new openings some profitable relations shall develop. Be open in taking risks and joining new enterprise. Trying out new ideas shall help you now. But curb over excitement and make yourself calm. You shall feel close to nature and shall be a happy person.