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14th April 2019

ARIES: You realize the fact that you have it in you to progress in the direction you want to and on your own terms. You will face a lot of competition and people may go out of there way to trouble you but still you shall overcome all hurdles and you will be able to attain success in your endeavours.
TAURUS: You’ll enjoy catching up with all the local gossip by talking to a neighbour or by having a long session on the phone with some friends.If you’re currently considering making some domestic improvements, this is a brilliant day for taking things one step further and spending money on them.
GEMINI: You are in a relaxed mood. Neighbors can be irritating but maintain your cool today. Unexpected travel is on the cards. Be cautious of people who ask for funds as you may not get back your money. Avoid being assertive or aggressive for it will complicate issues and hamper your progress as things will get out of control.
CANCER: There may be someone with a difficult temperament in your home environment or someone at home may be going through a difficult time . You will gain materially and shall derive benefit from a person of high repute.Emotions are heightened and it is easy to fear the worst.
LEO: Refrain from overspending on luxury items.Be careful how you handle friends and relatives, they may take things the wrong way. Today you could find yourself in an awkward financial position.You will have an interest in foreigners and their cultures.Secret affairs may be brought out in the open.
VIRGO: Even though your general nature is such that you are always looking for some change but the present positive period will give you constancy of purpose and contentment Allow your mind to explore all options, as time will remove objects and allow one relationship in particular to blossom.
LIBRA: You have to curb your expenditure in order to avoid the downward trend in your finances.You’ll barely have time for your sweetheart and this shall put a strain on your relationship.
SCORPIO: There is so much going on you can barely keep up. You’re not going to have time to call anyone back today.Today there is a strong possibility of gaining materially through a sudden turn of event Things shall be better as other involvements shall take a back seat and you will enjoy the company of your spouse.
SAGITTARIUS: You have to more concerned about improving your lifestyle. If you are unable to find a solution, pay attention to what your near and dear ones have to say. You will have additional income and may acquire the goodies of life like mobiles etc You are talented; do not waste your future in doing something unsuitable.
CAPRICORN: Be sure to stay calm and relax as much as possible and everything shall sort itself out.There are bills to be paid and if you’ve overdone it, now’s the time to cut your coat according to the cloth you have.
AQUARIUS: In flow of cash shall be good and some windfall gains can also be expected. You will remain calm and poised to attain maximum mileage of your efforts at work place. There will be new associates and friends, bringing fresh ideas and insight to your life path.
PISCES: This is a great time to get to know someone as well as exchange views with them. Cash shall be rapidly flowing and you shall be able to meet your commitment well in time and save for future.Today you’ll have freedom to choose your path in romance.