14th April 2018


ARIES: This is a great day for family matters as well as financial interests. You may need to re-evaluate some processes that aren’t producing results. You could have mixed feelings about someone whom you share your many interests with.
TAURUS: Your spirits may be lower than usual so you may want to keep yourself busy. It’s quite possible that you land a money or business opportunity, but an immediate decision may present a challenge.
GEMINI: You have a clear perception of the path that you’ve decided to follow, but it may be the little details that pinch you later. You may be called upon to clear up a matter at home.
CANCER: A long-standing problem is finally resolved, which gives you great satisfaction. Mixing business and pleasure works to your advantage today and you can expect proper remuneration for the endeavours you’ve put in recently.
LEO: It’s a good time to take risks, as your drive is on the upswing. Financial negotiations should end on a positive note. Behind the scenes efforts bring positive results. A home-based job sounds quite lucrative at first but discussions concerning money may be rather tricky.
VIRGO: You tend to be more work conscious than usual, but, sadly, your suggestions may not be readily accepted. Making the best use of what you know will bring the best results. Caution is advised when spending, but you’ll be very particular anyway.
LIBRA: It looks as though you’re on the way to achieving a personal goal you’ve dreamed about, Power struggles may still continue around you. Expanding your mind also leads to a sense of relief and liberation. You may not play by the rules where your social life is concerned.
SCORPIO: It’s high time to get important details in order and save yourself from paying penalties. The day favours new changes or redecoration on the domestic front. Arrangements for a fun outing are likely to be made at the last minute.
SAGITTARIUS: Business prospects begin to look brighter, but appraise your options realistically. You may need as much time to yourself as possible. One of your associates may need some short-term assistance from you.
CAPRICORN: Talk with those who can help you get the ball rolling. Financial advice is recommended in order to gauge your true material worth and get the happy results you seek. Give your imagination free rein and see where it leads.
AQUARIUS: Today your guidance comes from introspection and can favourably change some of your plans. A problem will be dealt with as quickly as it arises. You may need to use your manipulative charm in order to persuade others to contribute.
PISCES: This is a quiet day when the focus is on personal concerns. Talks with a senior or expert can bring you beneficial information. Keep a tight rein on your purse today. Solving a lingering problem together with loved ones brings you closer to them.