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14 July 2020

ARIES: You mustn’t feel guilty about working and playing hard now. You’ve developed a habit of being the one who has to carry the load for everyone else. Ridding yourself of this guilt may be the biggest problem that you have. Try to find time to give yourself some credit.

TAURUS: You may be oozing with financial desire but at the same time might shrug off or minimize ideas that are presented to you. Remember, these may ultimately be of help. If a person you know offers a suggestion, at least give them the benefit of the doubt.

GEMINI: You may be investigating new ways to improve your lifestyle. This includes include new methods of keeping healthy, opportunities for meeting new people who affect your thinking positively. A shifting perspective of your routine results in a more manageable state of affairs.

CANCER: You’ll be judged by your healthy sporting attitude today. Fitness will be equated with self-discipline. Don’t allow petty mindedness to get in the road of negotiations. Although there are other opportunities waiting, make the most of everyone that comes along.

LEO: You’ll struggle with an unexpected decision concerning the family. The way in which you show love to those you care about may not be especially appreciated or noticed today. You’ll be torn between two or more friends and may even need to decide which ones to discard.

VIRGO: You’ll struggle with an unexpected decision. It may be a family matter. The way in which you show love to those you care about may not be especially appreciated or noticed today. You’ll be torn between two or more friends. It’s a decision that will be difficult.

LIBRA: You’re at a crossroads and your destiny is calling. Reappraising where you want to be isn’t as simple as drawing a line from A to B. There may be detours you have to take to achieve your ultimate goals. Planning is absolutely essential.

SCORPIO: Don’t lose your temper today especially if money is involved. You could be livid about a financial matter over which you have no control. Getting angry only aggravates the situation. It distances you from those who might be able to help solve the problem.

SAGITTARIUS: Conventions are boxing you in and there’s no way out of the situation. Try to be clever by throwing a different spin on things but that’s not going to work. A certain group of people you find yourself in the midst of could be a little outdated but can still teach you.

CAPRICORN: Today you may be given advice by well-meaning friends or relatives. In the end, your own instincts must prevail. Even if what you hear make sense, you understand that your own experience is going to be the best teacher. You’ll do things on your own terms anyhow.

AQUARIUS: There could be a feeling that you’re being constrained by your social circle. You need to break free of social rules right now. Buying and selling bring fortunate opportunities and are sure to bring satisfaction. Humility is your keyword today.

PISCES: Step outside your tightly knit circle of friends and relatives. Meet new people. It’s time for a change. If you remain where you are without exploring possibilities nothing’s going to be any different. Your current need is to revamp your beliefs through a more spiritual line of thinking.