13th September 2019


ARIES: You aren’t your most reasonable self at this time. Lethargy and a vague feeling of disconnectedness may colour your experience now. This is a period in which you connect with primal even frenzied forces within yourself.
TAURUS: Use the media as much as you can in your hunt for a new job or a house. Furthermore, you can reach out to friends who have better connections in yourself to make contact with important people who can further your professional ambitions at this time.
GEMINI: Today is one of those busy days but nothing may get done. Even though you expend a lot of energy trying to complete projects and step-by-step reach your goals something keeps getting in the road and hindering you.
CANCER: There may be someone in your family suffering physically or inhibited by illness. It’s time to show your compassion and rise to the occasion. You must renegotiate the terms of an agreement or situation but may be fearful that it’s a do or die situation. It isn’t.
LEO: If someone is stripped of their leadership you have the opportunity to step into their shoes and take over. This may only be a temporary measure but, don’t take the opportunity for granted. Do it, even if you don’t feel capable.
VIRGO: You may become very aware of how you are different from others. Don’t let this make you feel weird but rather you should embrace this as an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the world. This can help you feel special and encourage your inventiveness and originality.
LIBRA: Each and every move needs to be planned beforehand at present. You find others outwitting you in the popularity stakes but that’s not a permanent thing. You’ll probably feel somewhat lethargic and aloof with others. Enjoy a few moments you have in common with someone special.
SCORPIO: You’ll be more compassionate, caring, sympathetic and supportive of people around you and they’ll respond the same way back. In some strange ways, you’ll have the experience of karma on-the-fly. Little things will happen and you’ll connect the dots realising that it something you’ve done that is now coming back to you faster than you expect.
SAGITTARIUS: A big change is better than a small one, so go ahead and try new things during the current cycle. You could experience a lift in confidence. Others won’t like what they see but you’ll quickly grasp how this will give you an unfair advantage in the workplace.
CAPRICORN: Your sharp tongue will provoke others, both on a personal and professional level today. This may have to do with working out the finer details of finances. Your value system may be at odds with someone else’s so you have to find some sort of common denominator if you are to work together in future.
AQUARIUS: This current cycle is peppered with feelings of being restricted or challenged by those you thought supported you. It will take great patience and endurance to convince them that your plans have merit. Increased concern about ageing, the passage of time, and the limitations of your body make you more serious.
PISCES: You experience a burst of creative energy which is encouraging as you may have been blocked for some time. You can use this to enhance your own role as a parent or boss. This will help you to be seen less like an ogre or tyrant than someone who is creatively switched on and truly empathetic to others needs!