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13th October 2019

ARIES: You’re at a critical time for awakening to your needs. While the extra attention you’ve been giving other people in your life these days is positive and beneficial, if you overdo it, you will fail to recognize your own needs and desires fully.
TAURUS: There can be tensions today over differences in methods, approaches, and opinions. These matters can disrupt your daily routines, work, or sense of being on top of things. One-on-one communications can be quite successful and productive today if they focus on the practical side of things.
GEMINI: With work or diet and routine, you recognize the value of small efforts, a step by step pace, and patience for long-term success. Find an area of your life that can do with some organization and focus on it. A partner or love interest can inspire you to be the best you can be.
CANCER: There has been a beneficial focus on your home and family life these days, but going too far with it means the benefits begin to drop off. You are in an exposed position today, so try to play it cool! You can experience some extremes of feeling, or fears can be stronger than usual now.
LEO: Organizing matters related to the home, work and services, and habits or health can be productive. It’s a great time for tackling chores or filling responsibilities. The information you discover today can benefit you now and for years to come.
VIRGO: You stand to learn a lot about your feelings today, but it can be a bit of a bumpy road getting to that place. Something comes to light today that heightens emotions surrounding values, respect, feelings of worth, money, valuables, business, or personal possessions.
LIBRA: The energy is ripe for exposing buried matters, so do tread carefully, but consider ways to break away from harmful patterns and habits. Avoid dwelling on issues that you can’t change, and don’t worry excessively about issues that haven’t happened.
SCORPIO: You can experience some revelations about your work, habits, or health today. Deadlines can be pressing now if you’ve been too focused on rest. Getting your life straightened out now may result in steadier income or support.
SAGITTARIUS: Make plans to improve your life rather than dwell on past mistakes, and work on self-discipline and concentration. You might decide to focus on tidying up and organizing your life so that you can put an end to guilty feelings.
CAPRICORN: If you’ve been focusing too much on your responsibilities to career and the outside world, then you’ll get the message that you need to find a balance with more quality attention to your personal life. Concerns about a work project or function can be magnified now, but it’s best to use the extra intensity of the day for constructive projects.
AQUARIUS: There is certainly a tendency toward emotional extremes today, but also good energy for doing something constructive once you see the light about a matter. Events of the day can reveal where you’ve been over-attached, clarifying what steps you can take to free yourself from fear in these areas of life.
PISCES: Sorting through the truths and more in-depth emotions that surface now can be helpful. Consider areas of your life that can do with concentrated focus and attention to detail, and use this steady energy to take care of business. Teaming up to get something accomplished or brainstorming with others can be productive.