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13th November 2019

ARIES: You might discover or rekindle your passion for a subject, or gain insights into a career or research project, your financial affairs, or intimate matters. These may even nudge you into the lead. You feel capable of handling problems in your life. Patience with others tends to translate as quiet power or authority.
TAURUS: The desire to improve, learn, and expand your experiences with someone close to you is strong. Or, you may be thinking about taking a new course or traveling. An opportunity to change unsatisfying elements of your life for the better can emerge, and this feels good! Plans might be fine-tuned, and your common sense helps you unblock or find your way around obstacles.
GEMINI: You could find yourself facing challenges that you previously avoided, and you’re determined to make improvements. You’re also a bit more courageous and proactive now. You can come to an understanding about sharing power in a relationship or recognize the advantages of combining your talents or resources with someone else.
CANCER: Look for opportunities to pour your heart into something meaningful and productive. Someone in your life or a special project can give you a happy boost of confidence. Inner harmony can come from getting in touch with your more profound needs, which puts you in a positive frame of mind. One-on-one interactions may be transformational, as you seek to improve things.
LEO: You stand to gain more profound insights and awareness into something that leads to smarter work methods, better relationships with family, or health boosters. You can feel personally powerful from the inside out, and improvements with your home life, work, routines, health, and habits can be in positive focus.
VIRGO: Meaningful connections might take shape today. You may decide to take on a task that you passed on in the past because you’re now ready for it. Your eye is on your list of priorities. Choosing an endeavor or activity that engages both your heart and head makes the most sense. A conversation or interaction may take a love relationship to a new level.
LIBRA: You seem naturally drawn to putting your energy and resources into the right things. Solving problems or straightening out past mistakes can be part of this. You might come up with great ideas to boost your business or to enjoy your earnings.
SCORPIO: You might solve a problem and make changes that are long-term and valuable. You might resolve a dilemma that has been dragging you down or see something through to the finish line, and you feel stronger and more in control as a result. If there’s a project in your life that needs extra attention and focus, it’s an excellent time for working on it.
SAGITTARIUS: You may see a previously confusing situation more clearly, or you might forgive someone and enjoy a moment of purging that leads to healing. You can be determined to take steps towards feeling safer and more secure, or you might make a connection that helps you achieve these goals.
CAPRICORN: You might learn something new or investigate a matter further that results in the gaining of some special insight. You’re in a fabulous position to apply both imagination and common sense to an issue, and the support of or from friends is comforting. Improvements can be made regarding a friendship, goal, or project.
AQUARIUS: You may be drawing upon experience to bring a project to a new level. A reputation boost is possible, and it’s more likely to happen for things you’re doing quietly! Interactions and information surfacing today can be beneficial. Your trustworthiness shines through now. It’s a good time for tying up loose ends and tidying up areas of your life that may be causing you guilt or dread.
PISCES: Sharing your expertise or help with others can be particularly satisfying and beneficial, and contributions now can bring on great rewards later, so follow your instincts in a group setting and on a social level. Today is excellent for seeing areas where you can make improvements. You might make a connection through your higher beliefs, education, networks, or the sharing of ideas.