Page Scope

13th May 2018

ARIES: Changes in your financial position may get started. The day will be mixed one with a fair share of good and bad times in it. You will not have the inner desire to work also. Personal relationships shall continue to flourish.A short outing is possible which shall be enjoyable.
TAURUS: A good day when new people will approach you, and you shall reciprocate. New relationships shall develop and one of them may stay for a long time. A desire to meet new people shall also emerge in you. Mutual understanding shall grow and you shall feel good.
GEMINI: It is a day of great emotional changes. On one hand you will feel a great need for an emotional relationship and on the other hand your temper will have ups and downs.Too much work and busy routines shall keep you tied beyond limit. Hence you shall not have much time for your family
CANCER: You shall be having a great time today and shall feel at the top of the world and shall try to keep this day embedded in your heart for the times to come. You may think you are in dreamland and all that what is happening around is too good to be true.Finances shall be in good supply and the future shall look really rosy.
LEO: It shall be difficult for you to understand your own self.You shall desire a lot of understanding but due to your behaviour you shall get the opposite of it. Try to curb your over demanding attitude. You may have some windfall gain.
VIRGO: Certain tensions created by third parties shall bring some rift in love life but you shall be able to overcome them. You shall be able to keep yourself calm and composed and shall overcome the problems created in an honorable manner. A chance meeting may turn into a long term relationship.
LIBRA: A day when you will not understand what you really want in life. Like small weights unsettle a weighting scale so shall you be unsettled by trifles. Do not be too calculating and try to understand the working of your own mind. Try to be more understanding and less demanding or else you shall have a tough time soothing your own ego.
SCORPIO: You shall be getting too much attention from all quarters which shall make you feel happy and you shall be looking for even more of it in the times to come. Try to remain humble and be more polite and calm.Today you shall have luck favoring you in all matters pertaining to relationships.
SAGITTARIUS: Interaction with people you would have loved to meet is in store for you. You will feel happy and shall be outgoing. You shall have a positive approach towards everything in life. Happiness shall come through children also.
CAPRICORN: Plan your moves and try to get what you want in an organized manner – you shall meet success. But you will have to change your nature and be more extrovert. Your spending may be more and you may repent it by the end of the day.
AQUARIUS: You will feel strength from within and will be really happy. Stars shall be on your side and you shall be seeing the world though rose tinted glasses. Married life shall be really happy and you shall develop a bond of understanding and love which will give you a feeling of bliss.
PISCES: You are dreaming of a mirage and it is perhaps impossible to get, in the process you will not be interested in anything which you can reach. Still you will not be frustrated but instead shall have a hope that someday perhaps the luck will favour you and you may get something, you think, you can only dream of today.