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13th March 2019

ARIES: A part of you can be very restless and hungry to experience something exotic or different, but a plan or specific direction is not yet in the offing. As well, you may be uncertain about pursuing these things, held back by guilt or tied to obligations.
TAURUS: Consider that there is some tendency for people to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion and consider reserving your judgment for now. Avoid overcommitting, which can be the go-to tendency as a means to put something out of your way.
GEMINI: Try not to let promises made to you today sway you until you get the full picture. Do your best not to skip steps because you’re anxious to get the ball rolling.
CANCER: Pacing yourself can be the key to success, but it’s also important to stretch your mind and open yourself to new possibilities, even if related plans may need tweaking later. However, don’t fall for the trap of thinking that bigger is better.
LEO: Watch that you don’t take risks that are over the top, particularly with money, as instincts for financial matters may be out of step.
VIRGO: Demands can come from all camps as a result, and you could be feeling overwhelmed. However, this is also a great time to dream up creative ways to approach your life and enjoy all the new developments.
LIBRA: Areas of your life where you may have been overextending yourself are likely to relate to your daily affairs, communications, studies, and other forms of busy-work. If you’ve been putting too much pressure on yourself to do it all, it’s time to focus more on priorities.
SCORPIO: If you’re investing in the wrong things, moodiness can arise. Ups and downs are possible, but it’s also a great time for seeing where you may have been overextending yourself.
SAGITTARIUS: Optimism can trip you up right now if it blinds you to practical elements. Your confidence radiates, and it could very well attract good things to you, as long as you control the tendency to go over the top.
CAPRICORN: Try not to take on too much, particularly when it comes to serving and helping others, which you have been doing more than your fair share of recently. Get all the facts before you jump into something new or into making a promise, even to yourself!
AQUARIUS: A friend or even a project or idea seem to promise more than can be delivered, or there can be a sense that things are not coming along quite as well or as quickly as you had anticipated.
PISCES: Allow yourself to dream and think big, but try not to overdo things, as you’ll end up too exhausted when true opportunities present themselves. It’s a time for making good use of a deliberate pace.