13th June 2019


ARIES: The day favours any sort of communication associated with business and money. Your words will have a maximum impact today and the result should be positive. You have to be discreet when discussing a particular subject with someone today.
TAURUS: Now is a good time to put your plans in order. You can make the perfect general as you have a balance of practicality and self-confidence. Trust your judgment now and you will find that others are likely to trust you as well.
GEMINI: Your social life is electrified and new introductions stimulate you. Make sure you wear appropriate, fashion attire that reflects your genuine personality. You’re likely to make a powerful impression on however you come in contact with.
CANCER: Your identity, your very sense of self, may be undergoing significant change right now. This is a time when you need to be as flexible and open as you can be. The forces of change are powerful, but not really controllable.
LEO: Things could get complicated at home. The trick is to simplify things. Don’t dwell on minor issues. Take some quality time off and have some fun! Lighten up and enjoy life today. Recognition can come for your good work and kind ways.
VIRGO: Protecting what’s yours is important involves taking a pre-emptive approach. This may not necessarily work for you. For some reason, you’ve recently become less trusting of others and this is having a negative reaction on you. You feel mistrustful.
LIBRA: You could be excessive during this cycle so it’s important to control your alcohol consumption as well as your words. Eat lighter foods than you usually do. You thrive on challenges today but be careful not to rub others up the wrong way.
SCORPIO: You should listen to the advice of your partner when it comes to money matters. Otherwise, your pride could actually be your downfall. You need to increase your educational qualifications at this stage. This may not mean tertiary education, but learning new skills in your workplace is essential.
SAGITTARIUS: You might be overanalyzing people close to you, and misinterpreting their motivations and agendas. A more relaxed, “give the benefit of the doubt” approach will make your life less stressful. Be open to the quirks and differences inherent in other peoples’ character.
CAPRICORN: Unless you connect with those with an eclectic mind and in similar interests, it’s best to keep to yourself. You have strong feelings but may also be frustrated because you aren’t able to fulfil these needs as quickly as you’d like. There is an urgency to your life right now.
AQUARIUS: You are impatient in relationships. Others may see you as rude but the tables could be turned as you feel others are pushing you. In either case, the point is to shake up relationships and bring new approaches to love and intimacy.
PISCES: You’re forced to extend your working hours. This may affect your physical wellbeing especially if you’re bringing your work home, working late hours, skipping meals and also denying yourself the emotional and social contact essential for a balanced lifestyle.