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13th January 2020

ARIES: It can be exhausting to work through these things, but also very much worth the effort. You are applying creative vision to what you’re doing, but practical application is also in focus. It’s about feeling deeply that something has to change and improve, even if it means letting go of ideas or things that may be dragging you down.
TAURUS: You are less interested in topics that seem frivolous or that won’t help you in the real world, on a practical level, and this is especially the case this week. It’s a definite time for boosting your practical skills, and it may be time for a serious discussion or the consideration of a new path. You’ve arrived at an important juncture in your life for recognizing your priorities and the need to concentrate, focus, and specialize.
GEMINI: Financial planning and goal-making are in strong, favorable focus. There is a tendency to stay or operate in the background, but you retain a lot of power in this position at this time in your life! In fact, your observational skills are tremendous now. You can benefit from identifying attachments that are dragging you down.
CANCER: There can be a reminder of your responsibilities to someone important in your life, or you may feel a sense of weight if you don’t have someone you can genuinely say is in your corner. Circumstances may be revealing the less flattering side of others or even of yourself through partnership.
LEO: You are also quite ambitious or motivated to better organize your daily affairs and schedules. Still, if you’re feeling dissatisfied with your current work, schedules, or state of mind/health, then you can certainly feel this more powerfully today. Fortunately, this discontent can be a powerful motivator to make changes.
VIRGO: You might experience a moment of truth, as well as motivation to kick a bad habit and to live a freer, more joyful life as a result. Seeing the nuts and bolts of a situation or a black-and-white view can be helpful on the road to a greater understanding of it. Ultimately, it takes you to a more realistic position, which in turn motivates you to make necessary improvements, mainly related to structure and self-discipline.
LIBRA: There can be a strong focus on family or the self again today, and you can feel compelled to look deep within at your attachments to make important changes, to grow, and to improve. This is a good day for seeing areas that need improvement, and this can include work, home, and health matters.
SCORPIO: Today may be more productive if you find something, whether it’s a topic project or idea, that you can pursue independently. Responsibilities make themselves known, or concerns or deadlines can take over your thoughts, but if you take the time to tackle matters one at a time, step by step, this can be an excellent time for getting things done.
SAGITTARIUS: Use today for developing strategies that will benefit you in the long term. There is a need to rise above these fears for growth to happen. Note that current transits are shining a light on problem areas, and while this helps you see weak spots so that you can improve and strengthen your life, it’s not the whole story. There can be a reality to face or responsibility to meet in business or with money.
CAPRICORN: It’s a fine time to see weak or vulnerable areas of your life so that you know precisely what needs strengthening going forward. Influences now stimulate your instincts to grow, improve, and change. Do your best to focus on the things you can master, and tap into your motivation to make empowering changes.
AQUARIUS: There continues to be a strong need to look back before you move forward. There may be some intensity, perhaps revolving around a secret or private matter. You can also be quite pensive, and you can benefit greatly from some introspection. However, if you’re feeling a little stuck, discontent can be magnified now.
PISCES: There can be some intensity around friendships, your dreams and hopes, or happiness goals today. You could make a surprising connection or experience deeper feelings towards someone now. Try not to go to extremes, unless this happens inside you and helps motivate you to make meaningful, empowering changes. Aim to face feelings of possessiveness or resentment with honesty for greater self-understanding.