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13th February 2019

ARIES: You can enjoy incredible energy for working on projects behind the scenes now, as exciting as this week tends to be. There can be breakthroughs now, as what at first seems a problem can turn in your favor. The Moon moves into your busy, curious, and connected solar third house this morning, keeping you on your toes until Friday.
TAURUS: You’re able to narrow your focus and pay particular attention to important details. You’ll find it incredibly healing and soothing to focus on cherished dreams or hopes, friends, or networking now. With a special goal or ideal in mind, not much can stop you now! Sharing viewpoints, personal philosophies, and opinions with others can lead to meaningful discoveries.
GEMINI: You’re able to tune out distractions now for great results. You might decide to commit to a responsibility, your performance, or a long-term goal, and you communicate with more conviction and authority. There is strong energy for getting a sense for what you want to achieve in the larger scheme of things.
CANCER: Learning something special to you can figure strongly now. It’s a fine time for committing to self-improvement activities, studies, mind expansion, and learning. While you’re sure to enjoy this certainty and focus, the Moon’s move into your privacy sector today suggests some need to detox, pull back, and diffuse. Take the time to unwind and regroup if you can manage it.
LEO: Nevertheless, a Mercury-Vesta aspect today favors an intensive focus on personal interests, research, and investigation, and pouring some time into these activities can be useful and rewarding. Absorbing pursuits or passion projects can be a strong draw, and perhaps even a healing one. You’re so engaged and intrigued that you can spend a lot of time lost in thought or research.
VIRGO: You’re in good shape for concentrating and focusing on details, and you can feel pleasantly committed to a task–or perhaps to a person who seems to be coming through for you now. There can be someone special who helps motivate you to set important work or projects in motion. Conversations can readily turn to plans and strategies.
LIBRA: Your dedication and motivation are tops now, and your attention to detail is excellent. You can feel pleasantly committed to a task now. You might come up with fabulous ideas on how to best pursue a particular goal, and you can thoroughly enjoy coming up with special strategies or plans.
SCORPIO: It’s a time for more observing than doing, and the chances are good that you can benefit from some strategizing and planning now. Today’s energies are strong for focus on a special project or pursuit as Mercury and Vesta align in your solar fifth house. Expressing your commitment to someone or putting more of yourself into a project can be satisfying now.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a time in the lunar month for gaining perspective and considering other points of view, and it’s handy! While the week holds rather exciting energy, there is a wonderful pocket of time today in which focusing and concentrating tend to come easily, so do take advantage. Attention to family or a practical project can relieve stress, particularly if you cut out distractions and focus on one thing at a time, one step at a time.
CAPRICORN: It can feel especially good to devote yourself to a task or personal interest–to really pour yourself into it and give something your all. In fact, it’s a great way to heal, release tension, and improve your mood, especially after tense days. Someone may be seeking you out for advice and answers.
AQUARIUS: You may very well be smitten with someone or something, and you enjoy spreading the love and happiness around. Even with this playful energy in your life now, discipline is more natural to harness than usual, and you can experience a strong desire to get money matters or business back on track.
PISCES: Your attention is drawn to your priorities today, dear Pisces, and it’s an excellent time for working a little harder or for enjoying a stronger sense of purpose or commitment. Reserving time for yourself or your personal projects and initiatives is good for you now–even healing.