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13th August 2019

ARIES: You might want to get away from it all but responsibilities do not let you do so. You feel worn out but there’s so much expected of you now. Ideally, though, this can be a time when you take committed steps toward making a dream come true.
TAURUS: If you are working through your budget, make sure that you allow for sundry items. Those small costs can add up to a lot of money. Reach out to the public and let yourself shine. You are able to do your best at the moment and people will recognise your talents.
GEMINI: Today’s a rollercoaster day with a few highs and lows. Don’t allow malicious mischief to destroy your peace of mind. You have a knack for making money now but could burn yourself out. There is a real possibility you may actually spend more than you earn.
CANCER: It’s time for a change so get to it sooner rather than later. Get straight to the point and implement the changes you want especially if you know exactly what it is you need to do. It’s also not the amount of money you spend on a gift but the thought that counts.
LEO: You may be trying to checkmate someone only to find that all your efforts have been in vain. Don’t waste your valuable time on useless activities all to polish your ego. Attack your work tasks with a fierce vengeance today. Clean the slate’ so that you can make way for other stuff.
VIRGO: An incident is causing you to be angry and this may have to do with someone you work with surrounding the circumstances of your employment. If you don’t like where you are, simply leave. A speedy getaway can tie in with a creative enterprise.
LIBRA: Honesty will be necessary to keep you on the right track even if you find it difficult thing to do because you may hurt someone’s feelings in the process. This will solidify relations with family and friends. You may be hedging your bets or hoping that the Universe will somehow do the work for you.
SCORPIO: You may feel angry if someone is reluctant to reciprocate your good deeds and attention. The more you push, however, the further they will retreat. It is time to use reverse psychology. Dealing with someone who is manipulative at work needs to be handled with care as this may impact on your finances.
SAGITTARIUS: Partnering is a good way to overcome excessive costs. Take the opportunity to pool your resources and share overheads with someone else. If you accumulate bad feelings, you will eventually reach a breaking point. Today may be one of those days.
CAPRICORN: It is not a great time for teamwork as you prefer to be doing things on your own. This could, however, bring up some negativity, including a dispute with a co-worker especially if they feel you are ignoring them. Your imagination is aroused and you have artistic and even romantic fantasies that you need to explore.
AQUARIUS: Your romantic nature is ramping up and you don’t like feeling restricted or responsible to anyone. If the intimate aspect of your marriage or love relationship isn’t very exciting for the time being, you may find lots of reasons to weaken the relationship, or even end it.
PISCES: Today, tame the inner beast by focusing on what’s beautiful, not what’s causing angst. Protecting yourself against negative emotions is important now and you have an opportunity to do things which are a little more satisfying rather than remaining in a worried state.