13th August 2018


ARIES: No matter how agitated you may be with a co-worker, keep your cool today. Someone may be working against you behind the scenes, but anything unscrupulous is likely to fall flat. Your own good nature and sterling reputation will serve you in good stead.
TAURUS: Today looks particularly good for improving your earning capacity or working conditions. Events that develop around them could help to improve your self-esteem. You need to be wary of a friend’s motivation because things aren’t as simple as they seem.
GEMINI: There are good indications in the areas of career, a relationship with somebody you admire or with work in general (regardless whether it is housework or paid work). This is an excellent time to reorganise how you do your daily tasks and to send off your resume or go for a job interview.
CANCER: There is a strong focus on career and parental matters today. You need to be cautious regarding your dealings with someone in authority – things may not be what they seem. This is also a good day to spend time with your partner.
LEO: There’s a strong focus on financial concerns and other matters of value to you. This may be expressed by a need to put more into earning or working longer hours. You need to keep a tight hold on your purse strings to avoid money disappearing mysteriously today.
VIRGO: It’s a great time to travel to an exotic location if you can or try that extreme sporting activity you have always had in mind. Can’t take the time off work. Flick through that little black book of yours and contact folks who dwell some distance away.
LIBRA: The air practically crackles with excitement to stimulate your creative energy. Try not to rush into anything head first as you may end up with a concussion… no matter how frisky you feel today, diving into a pool without first checking for water is always a mistake.
SCORPIO: There are minor disruptions around today, whether it is harsh words or actions. Today, you come to understand that such people can never be trusted, for their agenda is not love. Beware of criticism from colleagues or friends. Avoid being narrow-minded and confining your views to the conventional.
SAGITTARIUS: A small piece of unexpected good news relating to your career, or relationship with a person you respect is indicated today. You will have the opportunity to improve your financial situation or self-esteem with the emphasis on money.
CAPRICORN: Even though financial matters look good today with a small increase in income or other gain indicated, the signing or finalizing of agreements should be left for another day. Be sure to clarify any information that you receive today.
AQUARIUS: Family and domestic matters that have required your attention for some time now should begin to improve today. Regarding pressure at work: it seems to still be about and could begin to increase again, but it’s important to focus on some domestic issues today.
PISCES: If you’ve been waiting for a situation to settle down or progress, this is likely to happen today. Generally speaking, you feel that your life is moving in the right direction. The evening points towards love, affection and happiness, with a dose of fantasy thrown in for good measure.