13th April 2018


ARIES: It is not a day for action and interaction with people, you are not in a position to use your overview successfully to find the intelligent short cuts to achieve your goal. Insecurity is bothering your mind.
TAURUS: This is the phase of life where you find your dreams and aspirations finally take a concrete shape. This success will make you smile ear to ear. Celebrations for all happy occasions are a must, so parties are bound to follow.
GEMINI: You long to do the right thing today, and that might mean bending over backwards to help others at considerable inconvenience to yourself. However, you should ask yourself why you’re doing this.
CANCER: The focus lies on family relations and you will realize your duty towards your spouse and children. You will indulge into nurturing and caring of your children also pride over their achievements.
LEO: Have a think about your hobbies today. Do you have lots of varied interests? If so, do you have time for them all? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then think about how you change the situation.
VIRGO: Your focus will lie in the improvement of the quality of life, says Ganesha. You will work towards improving family ties especially with children. Special bonds with them will bring the family closer.
LIBRA: A superb phase with the return of the feel-good factor in life. You will see your problems vanishing into thin air. Your self-confidence and the faith in God will return to bring back joy and happiness in your life.
SCORPIO: If you don’t want to waste your time, you would be well advised to avoid starting any new domestic projects, because they won’t amount to much. Instead, concentrate on ideas that are already in the pipeline.
SAGITTARIUS: The more reliant you are on your daily routine running smoothly, the more likely you are to feel jangled when things go wrong today. Yes, it’s one of those irritating days when plans fail to work out in the way you hoped, and even simple tasks have a tendency to go haywire.
CAPRICORN: This is one of the nicest days of the month, with social activity and some very enjoyable encounters with special people. It’s perfect for any sort of party or get-together, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be one of the stars of the show.
AQUARIUS: Tread carefully when dealing with colleagues today because you’re all feeling rather touchy. As a result, someone might make a meal out of a thoughtless comment, or you could feel slighted by a certain person’s attitude towards you.
PISCES: It’s very difficult to understand what a certain person is talking about. They aren’t making a lot of sense, or so it seems to you. What’s more, it’s highly likely that they can’t work out what you’re saying, either!