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13 July 2020

ARIES: You want to grow, improve, and expand. As much as you’d like to “go hard” in both areas, you realize that you won’t do either well if you exhaust yourself. Similarly, if you’ve expected too much from a project or venture, it is time to make some adjustments. If you’ve been overshooting or expecting too much from yourself, you’re now ready to restore some balance.

TAURUS: Your attention turns to areas of your life where you’ve been doing too much. Excesses, particularly related to mental pursuits and projects, can be especially evident or even burdening. You want to shine, which may have led you to take on or promise too much.

GEMINI: You want to excel on your own merits, but you also recognize the need for others or outside resources and talents. It’s time to test the waters and acknowledge the need to make compromises and avoid excess. Reaching a compromise is important now.

CANCER: There can be a battle of egos happening with a partner, or you could be feeling someone’s demands on you, finding them excessive. You might be trying to please someone and, at the same time striving for independence, and something has to give. Whether to pursue your interests and stand out independently or to partner up can be an issue.

LEO: You may feel that you want to do it all, but this valiant desire simply isn’t feasible, and the signal to tone things down comes around now. With Jupiter in your solar sixth house this year, you want to shine in your work, routines, and health pursuits.

VIRGO: You might want to watch for a tendency to promise too much or go too far out today. Circumstances lead you to recognize the ways your life may have become unbalanced due to excesses, particularly in the social or pleasure-seeking arenas.

LIBRA: You also want to shine in your professional life or move out of your comfort zone and take a few risks this month. It’s not always easy to “go hard” in both areas without something suffering. Aim to cut back on excess or to adjust plans if you’ve been overshooting. You’ll enjoy yourself more fully if you manage to moderate and balance your life.

SCORPIO: If long-term goals or plans are not moving or growing as well as you had hoped they would, then it’s time to adjust your expectations to better reflect the time and energy you have available to put into them.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be wrestling with demands on you from others and expectations of yourself. In your relationships, power dynamics or matters of ownership can figure strongly. If you’ve been going over the top either indulging your interests or giving to others, this is a time when you’re ready to restore balance.

CAPRICORN: There may be some resistance from others that leads you to recognize the need to make a change. You may struggle with some ups and downs with enthusiasm and motivation. However, through this, you may discover new ways of expressing yourself, leading you to make vital adjustments to plans.

AQUARIUS: You can benefit from drawing limits and establishing boundaries, both with others and yourself. You’ll see the value in making compromises and seeking out a better work-life balance. Centering yourself feels good now.

PISCES: If a conflict ensues between attention to group or friend activities and individual or romantic relationships, the answer may be to seek moderation. As much as you’d like to please everyone, including yourself, there can be the need to tone things down now. After all, you can’t spread yourself out too thin without something taking a hit.