Friday, September 17, 2021

12yr-old dies of Nipah, local authorities in Kozhikode gear up to check spread of virus


Kozhikode (Ker) September 5: After a 12-year-old boy from nearby Mavoor died of Nipah in the wee hours on Sunday, local authorities have geared up to check any further spread of the dreaded virus in Kozhikode and surrounding areas.
The Kozhikode Medical college hospital sources told PTI that they have since opened an exclusive Nipah ward to cater to any possible outbreak of the virus.

It said that after a proposed meeting with ministers and health experts, further plans would be decided.
The hospital where the boy was being treated since September 1 is on alert and the situation there was being closely monitored, sources said.
The staff of the local hospital in Omaserry near Mavoor, where the child was first taken for consultation after he developed severe fever late in August, has also been alerted.
The authorities have declared a health alert in the district and cordoned off about three kilometres around the house of the deceased child.
Pazhoor (ward 9) of Chathamangalam panchayat has been fully closed and nearby wards of Nayarkuzhy, Koolimad, Puthiyadam wards were partially closed, the sources said, adding that police have been deployed to restrict vehicle and people movement in or out from these places.
The health authorities have alerted the people in the area to immediately report any instances of fever, vomiting and other health disorders.
The health authorities in Malappuram and Kannur have also been alerted to closely monitor the situation.
Local residents said police personnel reached there around 4 AM and closed all pocket roads leading to the child’s house.

They also said that the roads there are deserted now and police have informed them that the main road in Pulpara and Kulimadu would also be closed after some time. (PTI)