12th September 2019


ARIES: What you have to offer or want to do doesn’t seem to mesh well with what’s now necessary. While not a full-blown crisis, it’s a time of strain and tension, which can be somewhat debilitating to your health. A partial retreat in order not to deplete yourself and your strength is beneficial right now.
TAURUS: There is a need to be the centre of attention is taking hold in your life now – a passion to give and to be valued for your special God-given gifts. This can be an open, imaginative, and even idealistic phase. It will be a time you’ll look back on with pride and fondness.
GEMINI: You’re feeling lazy and cannot seem to keep your mind on the job right now. Rather than resisting this, take a break and come back fresh. Your sentimentality may get you into trouble today. Try to keep a level head and remain cool when reminiscing about the past.
CANCER: You may have an opportunity to reach out and calm others by offering ways to clarify their own thoughts and improve their communication skills. But in some ways, you yourself may be oblivious to some of your own spiritual needs.
LEO: Your work may be a rollercoaster ride now. Take time to think things through carefully before making accusations or running had long into a circumstance that will be even more difficult to get yourself out of. Research, careful forethought and consultation are the secrets of making a good decision professionally.
VIRGO: You are fired up today and any creative ideas you put forward will be well received. There could be something surprising occurring in your work and this includes career opportunities. You’re now confronted by challenging the positive opportunities on your life path.
LIBRA: You can sense a strong psychic bond with a romantic possibility at present. Communication will be strong but unfortunately verbalizing these feelings may not be easy. This is all about deep psychological issues between you and others.
SCORPIO: Intriguing friends could occupy your time now but be careful not to waste time on people and activities that are not going to actually further your own personal or professional interests. You want more stability in the company you keep in your social activities.
SAGITTARIUS: You need to be better informed about a subject as you feel out of your depth. Try to extend your circle of influence by taking a little time each day to study new topics. You could have a minor blow up over a financial matter today, possibly in a store or banking environment.
CAPRICORN: You must remain neutral and not take sides but that may not be easy. You may not be able to but help express some emotion which may not go over well with others. Even though you feel partial to an opinion or argument, you must not be seen to be biased.
AQUARIUS: A negotiation of some sort needs to be closed quickly if you’re to gain the financial benefits from it. If your instincts tell you to push a little harder and make contact to get the final result, do so because it will work in your favour.
PISCES: You are likely to be passionate about the wrong things. This goes for people as well as activities. Pick your mark well before embarking on any sort of adventure today. You are in a technical maze at present. You need to use technology to move ahead, but maybe afraid of the daunting task.