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12th September 2018

ARIES: Today is a day of innovation, skills, true creativity and inspiration. Marvellous gains come to you, from the activities and changed persona. The right to fresh skills, originality in thought and techniques and in new ventures will be equally strongly asserted and taken by you.
TAURUS: A good, productive and rewarding phase. You can give work, in fact, life itself, your best shot. A phase when the depths of tenderness and caring within you bubble up to the surface. Today you shall try to be just close to your loved one.
GEMINI: Today you shall be in a position to both command and demand your due recognition, rewards, respect glorious R’s, all of them! A very good relationship shall develop between the two of you. Domestic happiness is indicated for you.
CANCER: You shall strive to achieve success without clashes of personality, or showdowns, where hurt can be inflicted and received. There will be both success and content for you now.
LEO: Today there shall be a passionate quest for the occult, the metaphysical, tantra, mantra, arcane ceremonies that come from hidden knowledge. You shall feel as if you have been made for each other and a perfect team spirit shall prevail. The future shall look really rosy.
VIRGO: Many things come to you now, but all centered on you rather than your professional self. It is a day for shopping to your heart’s content but be careful lest you bring things of which you find little use later.
LIBRA: Today is a day for some much needed rest and relaxation, surrounded by those you love. Financially you shall be able to foresee a stable future for yourself and shall be contented.
SCORPIO: Good ideas at work, solid Interaction with friends, family, mate or lover, all add to the creation of deeper ties. You are truly grateful and appreciative of all you’ve got going for you You’ve finally come into a phase when all is well with your little world financially.
SAGITTARIUS: You have more money at your disposal and there are some marvellous windfall gains. The kick start has been there all the time but you see it now, Rapid, exciting contacts with people at a distance.
CAPRICORN: Financially it is a good day when you shall enjoy your income by spending on luxuries etc.You think of ways, means, new techniques/solutions at work, in an effort to streamline work procedures.
AQUARIUS: The external world is simply not flowing with your internal desires, so tensions escalate. Financially it is an average day with routine expenses but some big forthcoming expenses shall create uncomfortable position in your mind.
PISCES: With your penchant for excitement, there is physical attraction to be found in intellectual conflict. A financial opportunity is linked to foreign contacts or companies try to use this opportunity to the optimum.