12th October 2019


ARIES: You need to reassess your domestic relationships during this cycle of your life. Get closer to your family and loved ones even if it’s been out to do so in the past. If you’ve been avoiding them, they may judge you harshly and that will perpetuate the problem.
TAURUS: Work and career matters work out well now, particularly where cooperation and teamwork are required. Successful collaboration on a project and successfully reaching agreements on plans and goals are likely to occur now.
GEMINI: Meetings and encounters may be somewhat awkward now but not necessarily disastrous. Unusual, unconventional and even strange social trends may present you with a few surprises. Expect changes in travel, education or legal matters.
CANCER: You could be chasing concentration now as your memory is fuzzy and your attention to detail may be faltering. This requires a creative outlet to reinvigorate your mind and your heart. Don’t allow stresses within your love life to lead to a separation from the one you love.
LEO: You can now make your dreams a reality and your relationships should start to see a distinct improvement. Don’t be afraid to think big and expect the best for your love life. But you also need to communicate with some of these ideas to your partner and not expect them to be totally psychic in understanding precisely what it is you’re dreaming of.
VIRGO: You’re confident and optimistic about what you can achieve in the coming months. This is a perfect time to dream and dream big! It’s ideal to capitalise on the opportunities that you thought had been languishing. If you attend meetings to share your viewpoint, you’ll be successful now.
LIBRA: Your travel urges are strong and this is the time to make plans. You may also be tired of considering the usual destinations everyone goes to. You have plans for your bucket list to be very different from the typical one.
SCORPIO: You’ll feel pretty good about your relationships now and want to demonstrate those feelings practically. Sometimes being unseen is the best way to achieve your end. Hide for a while and watch how much work you actually get done.
SAGITTARIUS: Today you can locate any source of information intuitively and practically use this knowledge in your work. You’re focused and expansive professionally speaking. You’ll be able to use whatever information you have now and piece together the jigsaw called success.
CAPRICORN: If history repeats itself how will you deal with the recurrence of a situation that you didn’t handle well in the past? The past returns now. It’s easy to fly off the handle and disregard good taste and etiquette in favor of having the last word in trying to gain the upper hand.
AQUARIUS: Instant gratification is one of the temptations to which you’re subject now. You undoubtedly want things, and you want them right this minute. The problem is: you may not be able to have everything when you want it and that is why you are feeling extremely frustrated.
PISCES: You have really great ideas springing up from within you now. What you try to look into some of these ideas to fast track your professional objectives. Don’t be afraid to share your concepts with others. You can also use these new insights to improve your relationships.