12th October 2018


ARIES: A quiet mood may descend upon you, Some very interesting information may come to light. Avoid the negativity of others, though, as it’s time to rest, relax, and heal from the bumps and bruises of the past.
TAURUS: Take care not to overindulge in rich foods. Stars are making you yearn for travel and adventure, so don’t mistake feelings of frustration and boredom for feelings of hunger. Feed your mind and soul before you overfeed your body.
GEMINI: A clash of cultures could blow up today, Take a deep breath and count to ten, whether you are dealing with figures in the public eye, at work, or with family. It is important to try to understand the other’s point of view.
CANCER: Try to listen with your heart and not just with your mind. Some confusion may exist, so make the effort to clear up any misunderstandings, particularly in your public image. Unexpected surprises are never nice, especially when there is a whiff of deception in the wind.
LEO: Enjoy a cultural exchange with friends. Whether you try a new cuisine or take in a foreign movie, explore the world around you. Trying new things keeps you interested in life, so if you have been feeling dull and lifeless, this may be just the medicine you need. Best of all, if you are with friends, you can have a shared adventure! And romance is pulsing tonight.
VIRGO: Today,stars are increasing your joy and boosting your personal magnetism. Unfortunately later in the day, everything seems to slow down Take a few deep breaths and try not to get frustrated. At least you will have plenty of time to formulate just exactly what it is you want to say!
LIBRA: Spending time with your partner will help mend any rifts between you. Taking time to understand your own motivations in relationships, as well as your partner’s, will be time well spent. Restructuring relationships are favoured and it will also help you attain your goals with the aid of friends, spouse and partners of all shades.
SCORPIO: Stars are making this a potentially stressful and even confusing day. Someone you care about could be struggling with depression, so try to be patient. Your calm and steady presence will be soothing. You don’t really have to say anything… just be there. If you are struggling emotionally, take time out for a walk in nature.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have been overindulging, why not take in health food for both mind and body? Stars reminds you of all those little things you may have forgotten to take care of. Whether flossing your teeth or filling out an expense report, it’s time to attend to all the details.
CAPRICORN: Time spent improving your health is a good investment today. Taking a hands-on approach to your personal health care is better than leaving your wellbeing in the hands of disinterested professionals. The more you learn about preventing illness and maintaining good health, the better able you will be to take control of your own energies.
AQUARIUS: Control jealousy and stay out of power tussles. Financial changes have been hard to handle, but today brings some relief, as friends come to the party and you can see your way more clearly. You can achieve a lot today, in both short and long term areas.
PISCES: Stars draws out your secrets and will boost your magnetic powers of attraction. A friend or associate might have high standards, but will readily fall into your sensual snare. Don’t let your finances fall into disarray, as some obstruction is likely to arise in this area, especially if you feel the urge to gamble.