12th May 2019


ARIES: A need to be the centre of attention spurs you on to make new friends and possibly even new romantic connections. This feeling takes hold of your life now in a creative way. It gives you a craving to give and to be appreciated for your unique gifts which you can easily share with others.
TAURUS: Don’t let negative thinking get you down. Criticism for its own sake is a waste of time, you are aware of that. However, right now a lack of confidence can be an underlying factor in causing you to think irrationally and erratically.
GEMINI: A vague apprehension may creep into your professional activities. This could be precipitated by someone saying something to unsettle you. Don’t doubt the path that you’re on. Actually, you should continue to develop your ideas and have full confidence in the outcome.
CANCER: Current transits boost your ego and confidence. This gives you a perfect opportunity to bolster your financial potential. This, however, can only happen if you are prepared to cast aside negative thoughts about debts and the fear of your financial security in future.
LEO: This is a really great time to get noticed so don’t be afraid to get out there and take charge. The only thing holding you back is an overemotional response to what’s going on around you. Keep focused on your goal and try to keep a lid on feelings.
VIRGO: A warm expanse of emotional growth is underway, even though you may not be noticing it. It’s naturally easier to reach out and be inclusive without being obtrusive, adding to your own inner life as you give to others.
LIBRA: Chances are, you may be overemphasizing your social obligations. Sometimes we project what others are expecting of us when in fact, that is not at all the reality. For this reason, you must get clarity from friends as to exactly what they want, otherwise, you’ll be worrying over nothing.
SCORPIO: Stop-and-go directives at work can make for your “success accelerator-brake” system to malfunction, so to speak. Avoid the urge to leap into things and then have to come screeching to a halt. A steady approach requires a not so heady attack on others and the tasks at hand.
SAGITTARIUS: Expect a real-time test of your belief systems now. You may be confronted with choices of an ethical nature. This could also include associated with people whose value systems are completely at odds with your own.
CAPRICORN: Your personal issues may overlap professional obligations but you must understand why this may be happening. If you are trying to bypass some financial obligations now, socialising and connecting with friends may be a subtle way of short-circuiting the inevitable.
AQUARIUS: If you’ve got your relationship figured out, others will most certainly follow your example. The operative word is “if”! Do you have it together in that department of your life? If not, the planets will be forceful in the way they align you and your partner.
PISCES: If you are attempting to chase down that great idea, it can only rest on how well you have your day-to-day schedule organised. Time is of the essence and so any erosion of that quintessential commodity should be at the top of your agenda.