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12th March 2019

ARIES: It’s a good time to flush out the negative elements or tie up loose ends before beginning fresh when the Sun enters your sign on March 20th, and a Sun-Pluto sextile today and tomorrow assists you on this front. You may need to take some time out for this task, and it can be a wonderful period for changing things up.
TAURUS: It’s a time for coming up with ways to improve your life, even little ones, and you’re ready to take on a challenge. Your viewpoint is expanding through your experiences with the people in your life or networks. Idea exchanges can be helpful, leading to more informed decisions.
GEMINI: An exhilarating experience can be in store now. You’re also in a fine position for gaining the courage and energy to face tricky matters. You’re less likely to put off or procrastinate on a problem now, and it feels good to meet a challenge head-on.
CANCER: You may be seeing a new perspective, or someone might reawaken an interest in you now. Sharing viewpoints, personal philosophies, and opinions with others and making exciting discoveries can lift your spirits. It’s easier today and tomorrow to cut through the fluff and get to the root of issues.
LEO: You might enjoy a greater understanding of the power dynamics in a partnership, or you could enjoy working toward a new challenge or goal. You are fascinated with the depths or layers of situations, people, and topics now, and you’re inclined to put in the effort to analyze and explore possibilities.
VIRGO: You’re likely to get into stronger touch with your ambitions now. For another, a Sun-Pluto aspect comes into play, and this encourages you to prioritize. New insight into a relationship or passion project can figure strongly. This time favors collaboration, but it can also be good for observing and strategizing.
LIBRA: As you sort things out, other life departments seem to follow suit. It’s empowering to clear out clutter or to cut out distractions and apply yourself to a project more completely. It’s a good time for finding something lost or for looking at an old problem or situation in a new way.
SCORPIO: You may be gaining an edge, advantage, or boost related to communications, creative pursuits, personality, and career matters as the Sun and Pluto connect in a harmonious aspect today and tomorrow. Your impact is stronger than usual and you’re received positively, primarily through your creative output and communications.
SAGITTARIUS: Finding ways to improve your life, particularly, related to finances or family and home, can be in focus now. Small changes made now will bring great rewards down the road, primarily because you’re focused and perceptive. It’s a time for strengthening and improving relationships with loved ones or for putting extra effort into enhancing your home life.
CAPRICORN: You can benefit from both inner motivation and reinforcement coming from the outside now. You are ready to take on new challenges or improve what you have going. The focus should be on self-improvement and control rather than how you can manipulate situations to work for you.
AQUARIUS: It’s also the right time for valuable insights into your psychological and personal affairs. Narrowing your focus can be useful, and increasingly as the day advances, energies favor concentration and focus. It’s a good time to “birth” new business ideas, but it may take a while before you put plans into motion.
PISCES: All signs seem to point to focusing on priorities or focusing on something important to you. Small changes made now can impact the future in significant ways. Friendships, causes, or shared personal goals can be the glue that helps hold everything together, but this is also a fine time for looking within for answers.