12th June 2019


ARIES: You’re focusing on your relationships and negotiating or accommodating people in your life, all of which seem to be a pleasure right now. Once you’ve stabilized and built upon your home base, you’ll feel more equipped to succeed elsewhere, as well.
TAURUS: ou seem to fall into a productive rhythm quite naturally, and you’re likely to experience a feeling of being in sync with the people around you. As well, you may find it especially important to gain knowledge and improve communications today.
GEMINI: You can feel quite supported and free to express yourself today, so that letting loose your more playful and creative side comes naturally. Your head and heart seem to be working in harmony, and this means you can make connections you don’t typically make.
CANCER: Today, connections may be made that point you in the right direction, whether it’s through a person, a chance meeting, information you come across, or a sudden realization.
LEO: There is likely to be a good sense of emotional rapport with others, as well as enthusiasm for future projects and activities. You could be meeting people or experiencing synchronicities that point you in the direction of putting problems that have been weighing you down behind you.
VIRGO: You’re feeling rather stable and emotionally strong now. The focus is mostly on what can reasonably be done, not what might be, and this pleases the resolutely practical side of your nature.
LIBRA: You are a little braver than usual, particularly for entertaining new concepts and ideas and for expressing your feelings or opinions. You can more fully appreciate the cooperative elements of your life, but there are potentially significant developments happening in your professional life now as well.
SCORPIO: You may find a person, subject, or pastime that excites you or gives you a new perspective. Learning or teaching something can figure strongly and can be most rewarding today.
SAGITTARIUS: You may find yourself connecting with just the right resources and tools (or courage) to help you on your path, and you have just the right attitude to use these to your advantage. Today is a good day for kicking a bad habit or working towards reducing a dependency in your life.
CAPRICORN: You’re in particularly good shape for dealing with work and routine matters today. In fact, you’re more likely to feel good about yourself once you’ve taken care of an obligation or two!
AQUARIUS: You could very well make connections with people or information that help you improve aspects of your life related to your work, habits, or health. Adding structure to your life through setting rules, developing new routines, and tidying up loose ends in your affairs will give you some real satisfaction.
PISCES: There is a particular focus on your deeper needs and feelings now, but you’re also encouraged to go the distance in other regions of your life–perhaps even to connect with someone with whom you’ve been hoping to make contact.