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12th July 2018

ARIES: Unexpected bills will bring some financial pressure, but participating in sports and other outdoor activities will take your mind of things and let you work off all that excess energy. A close relative might demand more attention. Take care while driving as minor accidents are likely.
TAURUS: Avoid overspending on luxuries and lending money, even to close associates. Save as much as you can for a rainy day, as you may need it soon. Your philosophy about life is going through a marked change now and it will be a revelation to you.
GEMINI: Today you are being dragged out of your shell to open your heart and your mind. Though your habit is to resist, as soon as you are touched by the realness of another’s heart, your prejudices melt. Dissolve your obstacles to tenderness. Let love grow.
CANCER: The major disaster of capitalism isn’t capitalism itself – it’s ego. Keep going for creativity rather than an overfed belly. Stay alert to the challenge of the new. Balance your own needs with those of the other.
LEO: Someone close to you is in an extremely bad mood and if you can’t avoid them, try to be gentle and understanding. If you react in the same way it will only inflame the situation.
VIRGO: Today throws you into direct conflict with the more conservative aspects of your past. If you are too held in, it drives you crazy. If you have too much room to move, you also go crazy. Seek the middle way. Pay attention to your health. A good diet and regular exercise can make you feel so much better.
LIBRA: Today you are grounded enough in who you are and what you are doing that it doesn’t have a hope in hell of doing you an injury. Later your sense of well being expands and friends come to the rescue.
SCORPIO: Partnership and open confrontation, unnaturally weighty matters have been unsettling your mind. Mostly to do with who does what, where and with whom. The urge to flee to faraway places, with or without your mate becomes a big issue.
SAGITTARIUS: Today expect some obstructions on the home front. You’ll need to use your imagination to find the right solution, which could come like a bolt from the blue. Try to get some time to yourself.
CAPRICORN: Today’s the day to develop new contacts through recreation and entertainment. Use that trademark charm and charisma. However you should take a close look at financial documents and read them properly before you sign them. By the way, don’t get involved in spreading rumours, or you might damage your reputation.
AQUARIUS: The past keeps nagging at you to return to the safety of the straight and narrow. Though your sentimentality is triggered, you know that you can’t ever go back to from where you came from. You have changed. The changes are both real and right.
PISCES: Your psychic antennae are waving,so trust your intuition.Spiritual illumination comes for some, while for others it’s just the day for a romantic picnic. Children in your life will be a delight.