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12th January 2020

ARIES: You’ll be working diligently on building your reputation and profession in the year ahead. Your approach to your life direction, management, major life structures, and status may go through a reworking of sorts as you approach these things differently, and others see you in new ways.
TAURUS: You’re taking things a little more seriously than usual today, and this can be a time for making small sacrifices to help you secure significant gains in the future. Giving up a pleasure for a benefit in another life department can create some tension, but you’re practical enough to see the value of these strategic moves.
GEMINI: Stripping away what is unproductive in these areas is in focus, and rebuilding a better “model” will come later. Right now, it’s about restructuring, simplifying, and making substantial changes that revitalize your finances, lifestyle, and relationships. It’s better to think in terms of downsizing rather than expansion for the time being.
CANCER: Today, serious thoughts, observations, or conversations about relationships may figure strongly. There can be decisions made or a sudden awareness of responsibilities related to others. Or, this can be a time for making joint plans, decisions, and commitments. Counseling or negotiating can be useful now.
LEO: Today, obligations and responsibilities magnify. Aim to become more efficient and organized and to work hard and do what you can, without pushing yourself too hard. It’s a delicate balance, but doable! You’ll see your priorities more clearly as you go along, which can lead to essential adjustments and improvements that benefit you tremendously.
VIRGO: There could be a critique or further information that frames things differently, which leads to a new direction or a change in your game plan. It becomes crucial to consider ways to simplify and streamline your life to improve it all around. You are particularly ambitious about making changes and improvements, or circumstances are such that you need to start fresh.
LIBRA: It’s a time for identifying areas that are no longer structurally sound and then committing to making changes. Emotionally, you’re learning about self-reliance and inner power. Temporarily, if there are problems in your home, domestic life, or family, they may feel bigger than life.
SCORPIO: You could be feeling the weight of your responsibilities. If you can manage to tackle matters one at a time, step by step, you will find that you sidestep the problems of feeling overwhelmed and get closer to your goals as a result. You might find out where you stand on a matter, and this helps clarify your next step.
SAGITTARIUS: There can be a reality to face or responsibility to meet in business or with money. This is a time to handle events with maturity by taking an honest look at a plan, project, or area of your life. Think things through and consider developing a better game plan. Work on one problem at a time, step by step, for best results.
CAPRICORN: Challenges today seem to light a fire under you to make improvements. Take advantage of an opportunity to bring a new perspective to a problem. Keep in mind that seriousness may be hanging in your aura, making you seem contemplative or intimidating others with a feeling that you know all.
AQUARIUS: Decisions about long-standing problems and the past may need attention now, and you’re likely to have a strong urge to settle issues that have been left unresolved. You might experience a situation in which the past is catching up with you, and now you’re ready to put it behind you.
PISCES: It’s a good time for coming up with solid, firm, and practical plans for the future, and there’s likely to be quite useful advice coming from a friend or your networks now. Mind you, there can also be critiques or reality checks, but these can be educational as well if you open your mind to them.