12th February 2020

Last updated on: February 11, 2020 at 9:12 pm IST


ARIES: Hopefully, you’re not sitting at home, because this is a primo day for working with others. You’re sensitive, but practical at the same time. You know instinctively what needs to be done, so the advice today is to get to it. You can inspire someone today without knowing it!
TAURUS: There is an old saying that says,you should do tomorrow’s tasks today and today’s immediately! There’s no use skirting around issues if others are holding you back from completing what you are determined to do. It’s time for you to put your foot down and demand that long and overdue pow-wow.
GEMINI: Mixing friends and money isn’t a good idea but under the current planetary transits, you may just be able to pull off some great negotiations without straining friendships. You feel generous but impulsive. Ratify terms and conditions even if it’s not a large amount being asked of you.
CANCER: Generosity is your keyword today but extravagance can also quickly put an end to that. Expenses spiral out of control if you are not careful. This may happen even if your intention is good. Remember, people often take advantage of others’ goodwill. In the heat of the moment, you may be completely overlooking this fact.
LEO: Take a little more time to think about what it is you want domestically. Are you living in a situation that makes you happy? Is your decor reflecting you are at this point in your life? Often your environment has a lot to do with your state of mind. It might be that it’s time to doubt a little artwork and interior design.
VIRGO: Others are transmitting contradictory signals through non-verbal cues. Are you aware of that? This is the way to truly understand others. Observe more and talk less. There’s a wealth of information being revealed. In between the lines of what’s said, you could be overlooking important unspoken facts.
LIBRA: Put your head together with friends and plan a night out. You can intermingle fun and organisational skills to create a memorable evening. You could also be inspired by Nature. You might, therefore, be attracted to some majestic scenery and will connect with the natural elements again.
SCORPIO: You have special skills that are being overlooked by none other than yourself! Re-evaluate your skill sets now as you may be underselling yourself. Test these skills in the workplace even if you aren’t necessarily being paid to do so. It could be a vital lesson in moving the needle in the direction you want to go.
SAGITTARIUS: You will be somewhat dissatisfied with the quality of your work. Right now you seem to be more detail orientated and self-critical. You must always continue to improve yourself but don’t overlook the fact that self-appreciation is essential too. It’s actually healthy to develop your self-esteem by acknowledging your successes.
CAPRICORN: Creating in a ‘childlike’ manner is such a natural thing but you’ve lost the art. You may have to retrain yourself in relaxing into the moment and doing something creative just for the sake of creating. It’s time you started enjoying the moment again. The habit of worrying can be broken now.
AQUARIUS: Relationships are strongly focused along business and financial lines, currently. There may be differences of opinion as to how the money should flow. That’s no reason to argue. You must step in each other’s shoes when trying to find a solution. Between the two extremes, you’ll find a happy medium which will satisfy both of you.
PISCES: You may be pushed out of your comfort zone now. In fact, you want to be! What’s the point of cold comfort? You are seeking new experiences to bolster your overall life satisfaction. You’re welcome changes in your schedule as you know this can be challenging. But that’s precisely how you’re going to grow. It’s a time to go beyond your previous limits.