12th February 2019


ARIES: You can be feeling quite riled up, ready to handle a matter or put something behind you! Having seven years of Uranus in your sign under your belt, you’re now, ideally, in a better position to understand your needs and desires. Your need for more personal freedoms and authentic self-expression has been intense.
TAURUS: There is temperamental energy with us today, and an unforeseen problem might arise, although it’s likely to do with matters that you’ve left unresolved or open. Unusual or sudden desires emerge that likely have to do with your past. Consider consequences, but if you need to break out of a bad habit or a frustrating circumstance, this electric energy might give you the perfect push to do so.
GEMINI: An educational or travel matter can come to a head now for some of you. A symptom of discontent can be a desire to do something in a big way today, but it’s best to focus on improvement rather than expansion. This can be a day of sudden discovery and actions, and perhaps the motivation or courage for making changes to a friendship or group association.
CANCER: The desire or need to break free from situations that restrict or limit you is hard to ignore now, and it can be positive if it gives you the courage to make long overdue changes. Keep in mind that it can be tricky distinguishing between impulse and intuition, so do your best to tune out distractions and get in touch with your actual needs.
LEO: This is a powerful week for last-minute changes to an educational path, belief system, and mental focus or attitude. A relationship matter can rev up for some. If you have been itching to do something entirely new and adventurous, then these energies can push you into action, especially to make changes so that you live more freely and authentically.
VIRGO: You may have a strong desire to clear up excess debt, both material and psychic, and to get rid of excess baggage, in general. This is a time for mustering up the courage to make meaningful changes, but it’s important to distinguish between impulse and intuition. Reacting keeps you tied to others in uncomfortable ways while taking action puts you in charge of your life.
LIBRA: You might awaken to a plan, mission, or increased bravery for handling a problem once and for all! New developments in a relationship can demand new approaches. Your goal this week should be to make changes that help you live more authentically and less fearfully. Expect the unexpected when it comes to people in your life now with this fiery energy.
SCORPIO: In truth, you’re moving on from an unstable period related to your daily routines, health, and self-care programs, and there may be one final push now that involves taking action to improve your work or habits. This might also relate to taking action on a home and family matter. You can be quite pumped up to make changes, and you recognize that your habits require an innovative approach or new direction.
SAGITTARIUS: There may be a sudden attraction or romantic connection now, or a final move or decision that pushes a matter forward–perhaps a make-or-break situation. Be careful not to become over-confident when it comes to taking risks now. For best results, aim to act from the heart rather than merely react or respond to changing circumstances.
CAPRICORN: Making an empowering change related to your domestic world or living conditions/arrangements can figure strongly now. Actions taken this week may help settle your domestic life, ultimately. A money or income matter can come to a head. Putting clutter or a weighty money matter behind you can be in order.
AQUARIUS: This is your chance for expressing your independence and enterprising spirit. You excel at innovation in general, and this is especially the case right now. News can come that steers you on a new course. Desires might be fleeting, however, so do watch that you don’t pour too much energy into something that may later lose your interest.
PISCES: You might aim to take action rather than merely react to what’s happening around you. The focus should now be on putting dysfunctional projects or attitudes behind you. There is a strong need to free yourself from traditional approaches to business and money making, as well as over-attachment to personal possessions so that you can move forward more freely and authentically.