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12th August 2019

ARIES: You are discovering unique natural talents and learning to embrace and develop them, as well as letting go of old dependencies or crutches. The coming months will be useful for working on inner attitudes that need to change so that you can move forward more authentically.
TAURUS: Going forward, you’ll get the opportunity to resume conversations and projects or plans with family and those related to house and home. Projects might gain momentum now. It’s an excellent time for doing some deep thinking and renewing of old methods.
GEMINI: It’s a period for processing recent events and changes and for dealing with your feelings toward putting things behind you. Dreams and intuition are more pronounced at this time, and they’re giving you meaningful messages.
CANCER: It’s a useful period for processing recent changes and events with friends. This will benefit you greatly and help prevent impulsive, regrettable decisions. You are learning that you are more faithful to yourself when you act from your heart rather than merely reacting to others and circumstances.
LEO: You’ve been finding yourself, reshaping your reputation, and carving out a unique identity, mainly through your status or occupation with Uranus at the top of your solar chart. The goal is to express more of your authentic self in what you do.
VIRGO: This is a period of toning things down a notch if you’ve been making changes too rapidly. It’s a time for processing recent changes, beliefs, and experiences. Personal adventures may take a back seat to responsibilities now, even though they’re still very much a part of your life.
LIBRA: Pursuits you started last month now gain forward momentum, and you’re finding the right information for moving new initiatives forward. This cycle encourages a more relaxed rapport with associates, friends, and networks. It’s also an active period for innovative and enterprising thinking.
SCORPIO: You’ll gain momentum for ideas and plans that were delayed last month. You get to fill in the details for long-term goals and plans in the weeks ahead. Another shift occurring now is the retrograde turn of Uranus, currently transiting your partnership sector.
SAGITTARIUS: In the weeks ahead, you’ll be in particularly good shape for thinking in broad terms. You’ll be expanding your mind and your interests, and sharing your ideas and beliefs with enthusiasm. You’re seeking to understand your life and the world around you.
CAPRICORN: Life is less about spontaneously reacting and more about considering what reforms are best for you in the long run. Creative projects and possibly even a relationship can benefit from some review and refinement.
AQUARIUS: Now and in the weeks ahead, conversations that were left unfinished may resume, or information that eluded you last month can emerge. This can be an excellent time for opening the airwaves with a partner, significant other, or a good friend.
PISCES: In the months ahead, you’ll find different–and possibly more satisfying–channels for representing and expressing yourself. You may be re-examining some of your projects, too.