12th April 2019


ARIES: Today, you’ll feel able to express yourself more fluidly. Many of you will be inspired and come up with ideas that will improve conditions for groups you are involved with.
TAURUS: Your light is shining in the public sphere today. A public forum of some kind would be just the thing to express your ideas, or share your knowledge and skills.
GEMINI: You may feel you are working day and night, but you’ll hit paydirt soon.you should take advantage of your opportunities as they come. Going out with business partners or clients this evening should be both enjoyable and fruitful.
CANCER: Communication with loved ones is also aided by the planetary setup. If you have children and have been having trouble relating to them, the next two days are perfect for reaching out.
LEO: Today you are in an uncomfortable position. Friends, pleasure and your personal finances are all involved, so this may not be a good time to mix business and pleasure.
VIRGO: It’s back to work and business as usual .You’ll be able to see the big picture, but don’t neglect the little details.
LIBRA: Today, stars are reminding you of your past and your personal roots. This is a wonderful time to take a trip down memory lane, especially with an older member of the family. Get as much family history from those who lived through it while you still have the chance.
SCORPIO: Some of you have been spending too much time and money on frivolities, while others have been far too tight with the purse strings. Sleep on it, as inspiration may well descend in the wee, wee hours.
SAGITTARIUS: You should be able to get plenty done as Stars encourages you to be productive today. Your personal values and high standards are evident, and it shines through your work.
CAPRICORN: Wise ideas for improving your finances, as well as a deeper appreciation for what you do have are in the wind. A conservative approach is best, so resist sudden leaps.
AQUARIUS: Relationships can benefit, especially if you are willing to talk about your vulnerabilities. Be emotionally available for your friends.
PISCES: Good old social networking will help you make progress in business. Ideas that promote the collective good will be well received, so if you have an idea for improving procedure at your place of work, it’s time to speak up.