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12 September 2020

ARIES: It’s a stop’start sort of day. You have your feet on the accelerator and the brake, simultaneously. Where do you think you’re going’ It’s a case of choosing whether you want to stay where you are or go somewhere, anywhere.

TAURUS: You may be affectionate but also need your freedom at this time. You want unbridled love and the excitement of the unknown. In other words, you want your cake and want to eat it too. You’re looking for surprises in your life to punctuate the boredom.

GEMINI: There’ll be a lot of talking about money, security and savings at this time. You want to protect your financial position and may end up having difficulties or misunderstandings with others over it. Children, if you happen to be a parent, want to test their versatile imagination and push your rules and regulations to the limit.

CANCER: It’s easier to avoid sharing your feelings at present. Today, communicating your dissatisfaction over something could be met with retaliation. As you bottle your feelings up, that in itself creates subtle changes in your relationship. You must be extra careful with how you speak.

LEO: The more you try to exert control over your immediate situation today, the more blowback you’re going to feel. You’re committed to achieving an important objective now. The problem you have is that others perceive you as a threat. You can work through this and use it to your advantage.

VIRGO: On the one hand, you know that you must restrain your emotions. On the other, you’re so restless that you feel pent-up and really stifled. It’s as if someone’s clipped your wings and taken great pleasure in it. You must convert these misgivings into creative fuel.

LIBRA: You’ll be making an extra effort to be appealing and sensually so. Perhaps you’ve found your sexual mojo again. In your relationships, you might feel as if you’re being tested to prove your love. You probably think that’s a great thing. Think again.

SCORPIO: You could be troubled by something. Not only that, you could be obsessing over it. The more you think about it, the angrier you’ll become. What’s the purpose of these circular thoughts’ You have a voice and can take affirmative action if you want.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re feeling more enthusiastic about your finances. You’re capable of doing much more now after a period of being in the so-called ‘wilderness’. You encourage and are reciprocally encouraged by others at this time. You feel generous and inclusive and want to share your work and the benefits with others.

CAPRICORN: If you’re too rigid or inflexible you’re likely to snap. The secret today is to be pliable and ready for change. Try to go with the flow. There may be many adjustments to make now. If you’re not prepared to improvise and push yourself super-fast, you’ll be left behind.

AQUARIUS: If you’re suspicious about someone you’ll end up fighting shadows. There’s a general undercurrent of discomfort in your connections. This relates to a specific person or situation. There’s a good chance you’ll experience some misgivings about your karma with them.

PISCES: You’ve inadvertently glossed over something simple today. It could be a basic oversight. It more than likely relates to someone you love. Have you missed an anniversary or an important celebration date’ You could be in for trouble.