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11th September 2018

ARIES: Make sure that all your papers are in order. You’ll experience friction with colleagues if you are too vocal about your beliefs, so try not to ruffle any feathers. It’s better to do your own thing and let others do theirs, today. Jealousy could be the cause of problems at work. What is your own personal agenda? Perhaps you have wanted your own way too much, lately.
TAURUS: Today, you’ll be ready to have fun with your friends. The next two days may find you itching to do something new and exciting: why not take a day trip to a place of interest not far from your home town? Those of you who truly live in the middle of nowhere can always rent a film.
GEMINI: Springs into action at work, as communications are firing for you. Be sure to eat right, get plenty of sleep, and avoid stressful situations, or you’ll wind up with a headache. Take the time to organize your life and streamline your routines… less is better and simple can be divine.
CANCER: Going out could be dangerous on this wild and woolly day when anything can happen. Expect the unexpected and take special care in public places. Your associates may need your assistance but they could be a drain on your resources and your sanity. Romance can be exhilarating but may be tinged with a touch of obsession.
LEO: Passions may flare today. You’ll find that opposites attract even if they don’t make for the easiest relationships. Try to take your partner’s feelings into consideration today as he or she may be easily hurt by your words and actions.
VIRGO: Today you could be rushing everywhere to get tasks done and urgent messages or deliveries completed. The air is electric with everyone impatient or worse so mind how you go. By tomorrow the mood will shift into one of more sober responsibility.
LIBRA: All that energy you have put into work starts to come to fruition and you can focus on other areas of your life now. You may need to fine tune your negotiation skills: remember that there’s a fine line between assertiveness and aggression. The behaviour of people around you could be particularly irritating – especially in the career environment.
SCORPIO: Your life will be much busier than usual today. Changes in the profession or with a career connection are possible this leads to major developments that will see a complete turnaround. A familiar face will pass from the ranks, or you’ll be done with a particular line of responsibility.
SAGITTARIUS: Irritable exchanges arise but won’t necessarily be your fault, but be wise before the act and don’t get too fired up. You could find yourself charging into action with more vigour, but less judgment than usual. If you find yourself at odds with someone, look deep and see if you can understand what’s happening underneath the surface. Bright ideas solve problems.
CAPRICORN: People around you may seem to be difficult to pin down, either physically or in regards to a decision that needs to be made. A sudden flash of inspiration could come this morning, or in a dream. Focus on your relationship with friends today, the focus will be on you!
AQUARIUS: A recent situation may cause conflict with co-workers today and you may need to change your approach, or your attitude. Recent developments may require some concentrated attention. Negotiations involving joint resources should be finalized today to avoid disagreements in the future.
PISCES: Enjoy the company of your favourite people, today. Taking pleasure in the small joys life has to offer is the best way to keep a positive outlook on life. Sure, there is much to do and sorrows to deal with, but what really matters is the love you have in your life. Be thankful on this creative, fortunate day.