Thursday, March 4, 2021

11th Open Basketball Tournament 2019

Basketball Tournament
Match patron SE for National Highways, Yanbemo Humtsoe with players of Stallions and Trouncers and the organizers pose for lens on May 16.

Kohima, May 16: Stallions, Jumpers, Orca, St. Joseph’s College Jakhama, Taurus, TMB, Amplified and Elite Basketball Team have entered the quarter finals after registering win in their respective matches at the ongoing 11th Open Basketball Tournament 2019 here at Khuochiezie, Kohima Local Ground under the aegis of Suncity Kohima in association with Nagaland Basketball Association.
The quarter finals will be held tomorrow from 1:00 PM onwards.
Superintendent Engineer for National Highways, Nagaland, Yanbemo Humtsoe was the patron for the fourth day of the tourney today.
Meanwhile the results of the last day of the league matches are as follows:
Tepenjem beat Last Kings 38 – 33
Elite Basketball Team beat Backyard Ballers 61 – 20
St. Joseph’s College beat Road Runners 47 – 29
Amplified beat Ophidians 50 – 30
Jumpers beat Last Kings 57 – 26
Orca beat Art City Warriors 60 – 26
Kohima Royals beat Backyard Ballers 59 – 43
Stallions beat Trouncers 72 – 34
Taurus beat XLR8 41 – 21
Jumpers beat Tepemjen 48 – 36
1. Stallions vs Jumpers @ 1PM
2. Orca vs St. Joseph’s College Jakhama
3. Taurus vs TMB
4. Amplified vs Elite Basketball Team. (Page News Service)