11th October 2019


ARIES: Success can become a form of imprisonment. In many cases, the great expectations you have of money, power and affluence bind you, rob you of your time and personal freedom. You may be feeling that now. Time is becoming your greatest asset.
TAURUS: You feel a subtle dissatisfaction with yourself. This can, nevertheless, be a positive influence by inspiring you to change. You may be interested in improving your dietary habits, nutrition, and general well-being of those in your care. It may be a good idea to lead by example!
GEMINI: You’ve probably been carrying a burden for someone else for far too long. It may be that you’ve forgotten why you’re the one that has taken responsibility of this other individual. Now you’re waking from the dream and realise that you’re not doing anyone any favours by shouldering their obligations at your expense.
CANCER: You can look back now and reappraise the results of your efforts. Hopefully you are happy with the achievements you have made in your life thus far. increased confidence and good feelings about yourself help make a greater impression on others.
LEO: This is a terrific period for understanding the pure and unconditional side of love. You are interested in higher spiritual activities and this will translate interactions and relationships. You will also attract people whose spirituality and compassion help further broaden your understanding of relationships.
VIRGO: You have to crawl before you walk, and this applies particularly to stepping up the ladder of success. Make sure you have the requisite knowledge just now. As well, patience is going to be an important ingredient. If you are feeling unloved today is always the chocolate get away!
LIBRA: You experience a burst of energy and are more vigorous, bold, assertive and impatient under these current transits. You feel ambitious and capable of doing a lot and meeting challenges successfully. However, if your will is blocked, you’ll become angry.
SCORPIO: If you feel you’ve reached the point of no return with a major project, decide whether to grab it by the horns or give it completely. A new business partnership could arise but will be subject to intense ups and downs. This is shown by a lack of confidence and the wavering mentality.
SAGITTARIUS: You are ill-advised against any poorly planned investments or get rich quick schemes currently. Money and its use or rather, abuse is at the forefront of your mind today. Have you gone a little bit overboard and spent more than you’ve earned? It’s quite likely and now you’re paying a high price.
CAPRICORN: A shift in your romantic and sexual energies currently causes changes in love relationships. Your attitudes towards romance and sexuality undergo some changes too. You must use this in a positive way to lift your relationships to a new level.
AQUARIUS: You get the green light now to move forward on a plan, contract or agreement but move slowly. If unresolved personal or business issues are weighing heavily on your shoulders, you need to take some action now and resolve them.
PISCES: You could feel somewhat disheartened by your financial circumstances. This may be precipitated by someone who hasn’t honoured their agreement with you. Sometimes third parties need to help you make sense of where you are at in the process of your financial and material goals.