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11th November 2019

ARIES: If you’re a little self-absorbed now, it may very well be a valuable exercise. Word on a loan or debt might arrive for some of you, and it changes your perspective. You’re likely to gain a clue, but it’s not yet time for a conclusion or unveiling. New insight into an old relationship can be helpful and enlightening.
TAURUS: You’re open to seeing both sides of a situation. Counseling and advice can be in focus and helpful. You can feel strongly motivated and enthusiastic about a deep connection with a person or a project. People are intrigued by you and drawn to you.
GEMINI: Your confidence and courage receive a boost. You are especially attractive now, drawing others’ attention through your actions and perhaps your boldness and directness, which is attractive at the moment. Mars is in your romance sector, connecting with Jupiter in your partnership sector, which is fabulous for personal appeal and romantic moves.
CANCER: It’s a time for laying something to rest or altering a goal or approach. Today also brings good energy for family affairs and putting energy into the home or domestic activities. Work matters can thrive, and you could be feeling especially interested in tackling ambitious projects or working on health goals.
LEO: It’s a good time to do some gentle exploring, as ideas that emerge from your conversations and thoughts can be particularly significant. Today’s energies support your natural courage, initiative, and spirit for enterprise. There can be boosts to your projects, creative efforts, hobbies, or romantic pursuits.
VIRGO: You are thinking like a pioneer and especially confident today and tomorrow, particularly about financial, security, and domestic matters, as you have a strong sense that you can make positive changes. It can be a time for investing in your comfort, home, and safety. You’re seeking out new ways of becoming more self-sufficient, and you’re ready to jump on an opportunity to do so.
LIBRA: Not everything is likely to make sense, as is often the case with new beginnings, but what comes out of conversations and thoughts today can be significant later, particularly along financial or business lines. While it’s an important idea day, you’re also itching to do something proactive.
SCORPIO: You are making significant emotional or spiritual changes, and you’re taking charge of your life from the inside out. An element or person from your past may reappear. Or, this is a time when you rethink a matter that has been weighing you down.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re letting go of bad attitudes or situations, and you’re likely to gain insight into how to do so. There could be a secret revealed, a eureka moment, or you could otherwise be seeing old problems or a past matter in a very revealing new light. As well, alternative methods can be inspiring. You may feel invigorated by a challenge and excited about a new or renewed project.
CAPRICORN: Your interactions today are encouraging and possibly quite fruitful. As well, there can be breakthrough activities related to your practical matters, career, or long-term goals. A big part of you enjoys a challenge right now, or you intuitively understand that a challenge is good for pulling us out of a rut from time to time.
AQUARIUS: You may very well find a way to do something interesting and enjoyable–perhaps even mind-expanding. Others seem to be more willing to get things done or to embark on something new or different. Shared activities can be especially fun or productive.
PISCES: You may get the chance to set things right with money or with the deeper dynamics in a relationship. There can be renewed energy for research and the more consuming projects in your life. You are projecting your value and worth in favorable ways to those in authority and your associates.