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11th March 2019

ARIES: Take the time to sort out your thoughts, or write them down to see if they’re worth voicing. Nevertheless, this is a fine day for taking steps to secure or safeguard your things or for taking care of a money matter.
TAURUS: You could be struggling with a simultaneous need to perform and desire to resolve problems with friends or to analyze relationships. Perhaps you’re not in agreement with a friend or associate about how to best move forward your personal and professional goals.
GEMINI: This is a generally good time for reviewing recent business projects, decisions, long-term goals, or ideas in new ways.
CANCER: Don’t pull your hair out if solutions to problems are not immediately apparent since the tension experienced now is about something that needs more time to unfold.
LEO: You may be dealing with changes in negotiations, particularly surrounding divvying up money and who owes who what, as well as regarding sharing and support on non-material levels.
VIRGO: There can be a tendency today to focus on what’s not working rather than what is in your relationships right now. You want to be productive but can have a hard time concentrating due to distractions from your emotional problems or social life.
LIBRA: It can be difficult to concentrate with social or romantic problems on the brain, and it can be difficult to socialize or enjoy yourself if you’re neglecting the work you really feel the need to do.
SCORPIO: A symptom of inner unrest may be the desire to escape routines whenever possible as you can be itching to do something different, but you’re not sure what to change.
SAGITTARIUS: Productivity increases when you’re enjoying what you’re doing and the bonus is that you feel you’re accomplishing something that will benefit you in the long term. This can be a good time for getting going on a health or fitness program.
CAPRICORN: Keep in mind that people around you may not be expressing themselves clearly today and there can be a general disconnect between the brain and the heart. For best results, aim to rise above the smaller problems and see the errors for precisely what they are–errors!
AQUARIUS: There can be some misunderstandings or missing information surrounding the critical details of practical matters today. Attempts to talk through problems in a relationship could fall flat.
PISCES: You might have a hard time focusing, so it may be better to take on activities that allow for a wandering mind! Still, your curiosity is in strong form today, and while you’re inclined to flit from one thing to another, you can pick up some useful odds and ends.