11th June 2019


ARIES: Sometimes, worrying about the pennies and the cents cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture and that you’re destined for bigger and better financial things. The point today is that you mustn’t become petty over money as the universal flow of abundance is freely available, but you must make that belief practical.
TAURUS: You’ve been feeling a lift in energy. In recent times, you didn’t have the strength to go on and may not even really know the reason why. Right now, however, you’ve been hit with a dose of dynamism and you’ll be back on top of things.
GEMINI: You mustn’t forget that friends are human. Your expectations are out of proportion with what is possible in your concerns may grow now as some of your closest peers may be flip-flopping on decisions and ideologies.
CANCER: You may have a strong desire to enter into a new partnership only to find that too many forces are against this happening. Pluto is not only transformative, but often breaks down embedded habits in a forceful way that make it hard to understand exactly what’s happening.
LEO: You need to think carefully about making changes in your domestic life, as moving away may have its disadvantages. There’s a radical shift from your previous attitudes to family, relatives and even your lifestyle under the current transformative planetary cycles.
VIRGO: You know exactly what you want to do, but numerous distractions won’t necessarily allow you to do that right now. You have to remain as focused as possible during this cycle as you may be overly emotional rather than thinking things through rationally.
LIBRA: You’ll be a great support to your friends and those less experienced than you at present. But be prepared for some topsy-turvy unexpected twists and turns in your relationships with these people. Becoming embroiled in their problems may become a can of worms.
SCORPIO: You have to fight for additional income and justify why you deserve it. Although you’re doing a good job the competition is fierce and you must understand that employers have to get the best return on their money. On top of this, power plays may be underway but if you play your cards right, you can use this to your advantage.
SAGITTARIUS: If history repeats itself how will you deal with the recurrence of a situation or events you didn’t handle well in the past? It’s easy to fly off the handle and disregard good taste and etiquette in favour of having the last word in trying to gain the upper hand.
CAPRICORN: Raise the benchmark in your love life even if you feel you’ve fallen on challenging times. The secret of attracting a better quality of love is, of course, to lift your own self-esteem so that others can see you are worth it.
AQUARIUS: This period indicates that your negotiations will expand your circle of power but to do this, you must learn some subtle spiritual laws which can help you do it. What’s more, you’ll be challenged to think more clearly in any discussions.
PISCES: You must stick to the truth even if someone doesn’t believe what you have to say today. Your views could be rather intense now so moderating your opinions may be the best option to find a happy medium and not get others offside.