Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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11th July 2019

ARIES: You have your finger on the pulse right now and can tap into the group mentality. This is useful not only from a social perspective but gives you insights into how you can further your professional and self-development interests.
TAURUS: You need validation in relationships now but although that confirmation’s been given however you’re conveniently overlooking what’s staring you straight in the face. Perhaps you don’t want to accept reality as it is, preferring to circumvent the truth instead.
GEMINI: This period will now intensify and can affect you in a variety of ways. You have to stop and think for a moment about what you really want. Over the coming days, you’ll have a greater opportunity to step away from the crowd and consider things contextually.
CANCER: You will be aware of a higher presence in your life but communicating this to someone may be awkward. Keep your realisations to yourself just now. You are much quieter than normal and will want to spend time at home, but this should not come from a space of feeling dejected or angry and others.
LEO: Your imagination is charged now. Any artistic endeavours are imbued with a new spirit of originality and inspiration. Your thinking is much less conservative and cautious now, and you can tap intuitive and creative resources that will surprise even yourself.
VIRGO: You could regret impromptu gestures of generosity especially if you’re giving away money or things to someone you scarcely know. It’s best to appraise anyone you meet. Close relationships are much more powerful today and they take on greater importance.
LIBRA: Today’s promise may become a greater burden than you expect tomorrow. Make sure that you really want something before you burden yourself with more than you want. This doesn’t mean avoid commitment altogether, but that many calls and only a few should be chosen.
SCORPIO: Right now you feel that people seem more entitled than they should, demanding more than you’re able to give. But this is because you’ve created an environment in which you’ve continually given too much.
SAGITTARIUS: Are you being burdened by a breathtaking amount of email? You need new systems to deal with your workload. You have an incredible amount of energy but may also feel stifled by some of the powers that be.
CAPRICORN: It’s important that you deal honestly with a situation now so that you can create the opportunities that you know will be without hindrance from family members. You may need to brush up on your skills before entering a new situation.
AQUARIUS: You feel vital, but there’s a danger of expending more energy than necessary. Restraint is a vital keyword as your fiery passion increases exponentially during this period. Expect the ambitious side of your nature to shine right through.
PISCES: You’ll continue to rush around madly and possibly not finish the tasks you’re supposed to. You’re partly to blame for this but there are other factors involved, too. At least take responsibility for your part. Thoreau said “You may raise money enough to tunnel a mountain, but you cannot raise money enough to hire a man who is minding his own business.