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11th January 2020

ARIES: You’re also more courageous about standing up for yourself. Projects may be moving forward now, but perhaps more importantly, you feel increasingly in charge of making changes rather than feeling that changes are happening to you, mainly related to money or business matters.
TAURUS: Creative energy is with you for promotion and publicity today. If your business or talents can use some marketing, it’s a good time for coming up with original ideas to do so persuasively. Business sense is strong. The teacher in you can emerge today, in a nurturing, empowering way.
GEMINI: In the coming weeks, your confidence to make needed changes or to put difficult situations behind you increases many times over. It can also be a time when studies, a legal matter, or travels unblock and move forward. Ineffective patterns of behavior or limiting and stale attitudes can be shed more easily now.
CANCER: There can be some surprises or revelations related to your happiness goals or friendships this week. Plans related to intimate relationships or finances can move forward. The weeks ahead can be excellent for breaking a bad habit or for committing to making a lifestyle change.
LEO: Your quest to find your unique path or ideal profession renews. You’re more inclined to go out on a limb, to face your fears, and to make changes instead of wait for things to happen, and this empowered feeling is set to increase going forward.
VIRGO: In the coming weeks, you can be particularly inspired to practice your spiritual beliefs and to seek out new knowledge, meaning, and truth. A work or health pursuit can also show signs of moving forward after a possibly idle time or period of limbo. It’s a time of reawakening interests, projects, travels, and studies.
LIBRA: You may learn something valuable about a matter that was hidden, overlooked, or otherwise lost in the shuffle, which sets you in motion. You may open your eyes to a particular truth, perhaps about a relationship, support, or financial matter. You may have been feeling a little tired or overwhelmed about dealing with changes in these areas of life.
SCORPIO: In the coming weeks, you can feel that a relationship or your attitude towards partnership is moving forward after a period of reflection, stagnation, or uncertainty. You’re feeling in charge of your life rather than at the mercy of the changes others are making.
SAGITTARIUS: You feel increasingly in charge of making needed changes in your life that improve your daily routines, habits, work, and projects rather than feel at the mercy of outside forces. There can be forward movement in these areas. You can have an exciting sense that you want to start fresh.
CAPRICORN: You’re feeling more spirited and ready to free yourself from old patterns of relating. Creative and romantic pursuits, as well as financial and business matters, begin to move forward, and you’ll find it considerably more straightforward to make decisions along these lines now.
AQUARIUS: Courage is building after a period of some self-doubt or uncertainty. Personal, health, home, and family affairs may move forward now. These things may still hold an unpredictable flavor, but you feel more confident that you can make these things work for you. Today’s energies are good for both relishing private time and connecting with someone special.
PISCES: You’re learning to express yourself and your ideas more spontaneously and openly, and you’re experimenting with new ways of thinking, learning, and communicating. This process can serve to open up new worlds or opportunities to you.