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11th February 2020

ARIES: Hopefully, you’re not sitting at home, because this is a primo day for working with others. You’re sensitive, but practical at the same time. You know instinctively what needs to be done, so the advice today is to get to it. You can inspire someone today without knowing it!
TAURUS: There is an old saying that says,you should do tomorrow’s tasks today and today’s immediately! There’s no use skirting around issues if others are holding you back from completing what you are determined to do. It’s time for you to put your foot down and demand that long and overdue pow-wow.
GEMINI: This is a great time to reflect upon your situation and sense just how you feel about yourself. Take stock of where you are and where you truly want to be. Your emotions in particular, or the feelings of those around you, may be much easier to understand this week.
CANCER: You’re feeling wacky and wonderful and in the mood for fun. Unusual happenings bring pleasant surprises. This is because you’ve been generating better vibes and this is coming back to you, in the form of good karma. Unique solutions pop up in your head, as if from nowhere.
LEO: You’ve finally been able to refine your ideas and now get the picture on how to get an important plan off the ground. You could have made some earlier wrong choices, but you’ve learned some vital lessons.
VIRGO: Your feelings and actions are in sync at this time. This gives you greater get-up and go. Harness this energy for competitive activities, or just cutting through and getting the job done. This is a time when you can agree to disagree. You’re so on fire, you might cook up some hot spicy discussions, just to be the provocateur.
LIBRA: The earth and the environment have some fascination or power over you right now. For the time being, you should try harder to reconnect with nature. You need to avail yourself of connections with nature and people who are also environmentally aware. This is not an intellectual exercise.
SCORPIO: New work opportunities through friends are favourable. Upping the ante on your resume and getting your letters of recognition and references in order, will help you in any job seeking. Your vitality is attracting help towards you just now and radiant help should hold you in good stead.
SAGITTARIUS: You feel a subtle dissatisfaction with yourself. This can, nevertheless, be a positive influence by inspiring you to change. You may be interested in improving your dietary habits, nutrition and general well-being of those in your care. It may be a good idea to lead by example!
CAPRICORN: Shake off the old you and recreate yourself. You want to do this. Try out some new clothes, create a new hairdo and experiment with some makeup and colours. Your charm is strong today. Use it well. You shouldn’t be so emotional about earning money.
AQUARIUS: You have practical solutions for the future but mustn’t be too narrow in implementing your plan. In moving forward, allow for the “fudge factor” or scenario X. You want an adjustable pathway in case circumstances to change. As you know, from your own experience, that’s quite likely to happen.
PISCES: You have an endless supply of energy for work projects at present, but your health may suffer. Moderate your timetable, so that you can enjoy other things in life as well. Watch out for deliberate acts of deception from others.