11th April 2019


ARIES: The words of your love ring sweeter than the most romantic poetry you’ve ever read today. In fact, don’t be surprised if you receive an absolutely breathtaking love note, or email from that special someone.
TAURUS: You’ll have brilliant communication with an important client, agent or business partner today. It’s likely that the other person’s energy will stimulate your mind in a major way. New ideas should surface.
GEMINI: Today is the most powerful time to express yourself. If you are ready to learn something new, then you will do so with ease. You may be asked to teach, write or speak in public.
CANCER: There’s a rub in all the honours you might have received yesterday. You cannot seem to adequately communicate to others how you feel about them. It’s odd to be so quiet during such success.
LEO: Expect an out of the blue but brilliant conversation today between you and a romantic interest. This could be through email, a letter or telephone or even in person. No matter how it comes across you are guaranteed to feel a jolt of electric course through your veins.
VIRGO: You’re feeling affectionate and tender today towards a spouse or lover. You have the ability to make that special someone feel secure in your love and will go out of your way to accomplish this.
LIBRA: An idealistic, ultra-positive vibe surrounds your professional world today. Higher-ups are receptive to your abilities and your self- worth soars.
SCORPIO: You have a grand vision or scheme when it comes to financial prospects today. You contemplate your budget and income, but you spend a great deal of time fantasizing about your financial prospects.
SAGITTARIUS: Although you are blessed with tremendous communication at work this week, today you prefer to take a step back and plan out what you really want to say. You’re not just going to give messages to others; you want your words to be taken seriously.
CAPRICORN: You’re inclined to resent someone with greater wisdom and experience for ‘talking down’ to you, today, Capricorn. Be strong enough to recognize the worth behind his or her opinions.
AQUARIUS: You have tremendous creative energy behind you to whip up a budget or financial plan that is not only out of the norm, but efficient. Although it’s somewhat elusive at first to others, you really do have a method behind your madness. Trust it!
PISCES: You’ll spend a great deal of time today clarifying your feelings about your personal beliefs. This could have to do with religion or simply a matter of philosophy.