Saturday, September 25, 2021
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115 inmates of Ganesh Nagar QC shifted to isolation centres

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Dimapur, June 30:  Altogether 115 returnees who were at Ganesh Nagar Quarantine facility have been shifted to isolation centres at various hotels in Dimapur on Tuesday, after 19 COVID-19 positive cases were detected at Ganesh Nagar quarantine centre recently.

Informing this during a press briefing today, Agriculture Production Commissioner & Dimapur incharge for Covid-19 activities, Y Kikheto Sema said the decision to shift the returnees was taken during the emergency meeting of Empowered Group for Covid 19 as there is no isolation facility in Ganeshnagar thus posing a threat to the other returnees in the centre.

He said out of the 19 who tested positive for Covid-19, 18 had returned from Kerala and one from Delhi.

He disclosed that the samples of all the returnees would be tested and if they are found to be positive, they would be sent to Covid Hospital Dimapur and if they test negative, they would be release for home quarantine.

Only 84 returnees are housed at Ganesh Nagar Quarantine Centre at present, he added.

Giving details about the returnees who had come from various parts of the county and sent to different quarantine centres, the APC said as of June 30, nearly 4000 returnees have been release from quarantine centres after completing the mandatory protocols. At present, around 2000 are housed in different quarantine centres, out of which 330 of them have completed 14 days.

Out of 77 institutional quarantine centres, including paid quarantine facilities set up since May, 23 quarantine centres have no inmates at present. He said there are 27 institutional quarantine centres and 27 paid quarantine facilities at different hotels in Dimapur.

He said in the 54 quarantine centres today, nearly 2000 inmates are present. Out of that 1500 are in institutional quarantine centres and the rest 500 in paid quarantine facilities.

Kikhetho said at one point of time, the highest number of inmates were 3800 a week back, but now the burden has been reduced by 50%.

He also disclosed that with the state government provide 5 TrueNat machines in Dimapur—2 at Covid Hospital, 2 at Covid Care, Chumukedima and one at Ganesh Nagar, the testing capacity has increased and now with the BSL-2 Lab at CIHSR, the testing capacity will further increase in Dimapur.

“If the capacity increase, we will be definitely able to release more people from the quarantine centre,” he said adding the average is 20 days. He said people are not aware of this advantage.

He said some returnees are impatient, while some have requested to extend their stay in the quarantine centres. “After 25 days, certificate is issued that he/she has completed 25 days of institutional quarantine and now they are entitled for only 3 days in home quarantine, he added.

He said the advantage of delay in releasing them is that there is no spread of virus anywhere. It is a win-win situation, he added.

Stating that the recovery rate in India is around 58%, Kikheto said the recovery rate in Nagaland is 37.25%, while the recovery rate of Dimapur stands at 71.58%.

He said Team Dimapur is still active and has decided to keep fresh returnees from other districts in Dimapur. “We are ready to host all other districts in Dimapur now. There should be no worry,” he said.

He said in this pandemic, there is no caste, no religion, no tribe, no political affiliation etc. but all should fight this pandemic unitedly. He said that this is not the time to fight each other.

“The disease of unforgiveness is worse that corona. To win this war, the best weapon is forgiveness,” he said. (Page News Service)