10th September 2019


ARIES: The feeling of guilt you have for even daring to think that a friend is no longer a friend is something you should eliminate immediately. There is no shame in giving yourself the best in life and sometimes that means eliminating that which is not the best for you at all.
TAURUS: There’s value in dreaming but it must be backed up by willful activity. It is essential to implement the knowledge you have, but it could be quite the opposite. You may need to initiate some new technology to get the job done.
GEMINI: You need down-to-earth common sense blended with psychoanalysis to solve an emotional problem. Trust your own feelings and don’t give a second thought to failure. The level of commitment injected by you into solving any sort of relationship problem now will determine the outcome.
CANCER: The grass seems greener on the other side when you feel you’re in a circumstance of mental torture. If your pride is getting in the road and you’re tired, don’t blame yourself. Rethink what’s important to you and this may go against the grain with family members or trusted friends.
LEO: You’re not altogether convinced of someone’s suggestion so they may just get the gong! It’s also frustrating when you receive mixed signals or directives and you know just aren’t going to work. You may have to meet someone halfway on this.
VIRGO: You’re quite sure that the story you’re getting now is simply clever spin. There may be a level of mistrust in your transactions or with people you have to interact with. You’re starting to see people in a different light but caution shouldn’t give way to mistrust in everything and everyone.
LIBRA: Don’t have misgivings about repeating yourself emphatically, especially if you’re trying to hit someone over the head with a significant point. You need to step back and consider whether or not your opinions are going to change anyone’s mind at all.
SCORPIO: “The smuttiest guidebook to lust” would never be on your top 10 list of favourite books so why would you put up with someone’s disrespect or lewd comments? If you analyze why you may be receiving this sort of unwanted attention, you be flooded to know that you are exhibiting some unconscious signals to the world around you.
SAGITTARIUS: What’s the point of those fifteen minutes of fame if it leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth and a less than desirable reputation? Exerting power is necessary so eliminating someone who’s not pulling their weight and dragging you back from that reputation is absolutely essential now.
CAPRICORN: If you’ve been stonewalled you need to make a statement on the home front. Assert yourself to both family and friends by laying down the rules. Stand up for your beliefs and don’t take no for an answer. Believe it or not, doing this sets up powerful standards by which the younger and less experienced live by.
AQUARIUS: Don’t let dazed ferocity be your retaliatory default if you’re mocked or ridiculed. Actually, there may be a slight joke on you and it should be taken as that and nothing more. Your key phrase today is non-retaliation.
PISCES: You need some quirky ammunition to deal with irritating people. You aren’t able to concentrate because you’re mentally very restless about concerned about these negotiations. You may vacillate between two extremes – one of action and one of passivity.