10th October 2019


ARIES: Your thinking is running at breakneck speed so you may be a little confused. You mustn’t cut corners in arriving at a decision. Even though wading through paperwork is a lot of work, it’ll be worth the effort. You feel confused or may not be able to express yourself adequately right now.
TAURUS: Your daily routine and personal habits are very positive, healthy, and productive you. This is because you are associating with far more idealistic people during this cycle. They may be influencing your thinking and perspective on life generally.
GEMINI: You could be enabling others to put you down and undermine your efforts. What goes around comes around. Dealing with a friend’s cynicism is difficult, but you may not be able to change this character trait. Walking away in silence is an alternative way to teach them a lesson.
CANCER: You’ve got plenty of energy so it will be easier to channel it into constructive lines? You can take a chance but don’t forget that once you do so you can’t look back. At all! You can enjoy being a fly on the wall today, learning about interesting aspects of others you may not have been previously aware of.
LEO: You find solace by yourself in a bookstore or private environment. Quietly learning new things will appeal to you and this could even reveal some insights into how to better handle disputes with friends. A stronger commitment to your philosophy causes you to become more realistic and practical in your belief systems.
VIRGO: A discussion or even a word may prompt you to reminisce, but you also need to put aside those rose-coloured glasses and see your life exactly as it currently is. Using your charm will be a way of fascinating your audience, especially if you’re in some sort of sales-orientated career.
LIBRA: All sorts of sporting and playful activities are spotlighted today and children feature strongly. You feel great and this should create a fun-filled day or two. Look at your roots, the person you’ve become, and slowly but surely weed out personality traits that don’t suit you anymore.
SCORPIO: You are probably too serious for your good today. No wonder others will step back and avoid you. Try to loosen up a little. Charity begins at home and if you’ve been too busy out and about helping this person and that, you may be overlooking the fact that someone closer to home requires more help than you think.
SAGITTARIUS: Your instincts are sharp right now and your business affairs are off to a good start. Continue to work hard for what you want. There are places you’d like to go today but unfortunately, work commitments won’t allow you to do so at this point. This could build up pressure and frustration.
CAPRICORN: You may have to attend to the affairs of others even though you have a little time. One good turn deserves another. Bite the bullet realising that good karma comes to those who do good. You also have a connection with nature today.
AQUARIUS: You feel as though you’re being ignored by the others but you take note that they may also have issues you aren’t aware of. Intense emotional affairs occur and there is a real opportunity for travel along with these newfound acquaintances.
PISCES: Due to high emotions which are rooted in past events that you can’t change, you’ll be feeling a great deal of frustration under these transits now. There could be general misunderstandings with others and this will force you to “go underground” where you find some solace in your own company.